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The TBE Blog is the space where Temple Beth El’s Leadership Team members reflect on relevant topics that are most meaningful to us. Here you will find musings on everything from prayer to politics, music to mysticism and history to current day life. From our iPads, smartphones, and laptops to yours, these are the things that inspire us, keep us up at night, and fuel our own Jewish journeys.


Call for Donations: Compassion in the Midst of Destruction by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Imagine, after going to bed for the night, waking up to the sound of screaming and yelling, the smell of smoke, and the sight...


The Kindness Game by Dr. Laura Bernstein

This week's Torah portion, Parashat Balak, allows us to consider the power of words – both positive and negative. A Moabi...


Israel Statement by Temple Beth El Clergy

For many years, Temple Beth El has endeavored to establish a love for Israel in the hearts and minds of our members. We have ...

Strengthening the Pillars of our Congregation by Rabbi Asher Knight

Jun 27

In late April, Laura Bernstein and I sent a note to the congregation explaining that we were undertaking a reorganization of our systems, procedures and staffing. Retirements of key personnel, including Cantor Bernard and Steve Rosenauer, were concurrent with our lay leadership’s encouragement to realign the staff model to better realize Temple’s mission, vision, and […]

Cantor Bernard – A Gifted Conductor of Beth El’s Community by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Jun 26

The conductor’s role is to know his community of musicians well: the ranges and skills of the voices in his choir and the qualities and potential of each instrument they play in his band. He needs to know the music and the space and most of all the listeners whom he hopes to transform. Cantor […]

Lead with Your Heart by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Jun 21

I am a people person – if you have met me then you know this already. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and sharing their life with them. Maybe it is because I am a counselor by trade, or maybe it is because when I was a little girl, my daddy used to […]

A Message from Israel by Sam Swire

Jun 15

Our TBE group of 50 is having an incredible time here in Israel. This opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the land that is both so important to our people’s history and culture has been an incredible bonding experience. We are bonding with each other and to our past and present. Our first full day here, […]

URJ Camps are Home Away from Home by Lindsay Rosenzweig, Incoming LIBERTY Youth Group President

Jun 08

A sea of white. Lying on a tennis court with your friends, looking up at the stars. Singing and dancing during services. This is a typical Friday night in the mountainous area of Cleveland, Georgia, at the beautiful URJ Camp Coleman. In less than 4 days, children from all over the Southeast (and beyond) will […]

Spiritual Shavuot Service Led by Confirmation Class of 5777; Michelle Miller Awards Announced by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Jun 01

After a year of studying and wrestling with and exploring what it means to be a Jewish teen and part of a Jewish community, this year’s confirmation class created and led a Shavuot service that honored and celebrated their Jewish journey and the collective Jewish people’s journey to Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. […]

A Retrospective as We Move Forward by Cantor Mary Rebecca Thomas

May 25

  Some of you know this story, but I think it bears repeating at this time. Like the Reader’s Digest volumes on my grandparents’ shelf, I’m going to tell you the abridged version. I grew up in a small, Classical Reform congregation in Bayonne, NJ. Bayonne had a thriving Jewish community when my grandparents and […]