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The TBE Blog is the space where Temple Beth El’s Leadership Team members reflect on relevant topics that are most meaningful to us. Here you will find musings on everything from prayer to politics, music to mysticism and history to current day life. From our iPads, smartphones, and laptops to yours, these are the things that inspire us, keep us up at night, and fuel our own Jewish journeys.


The High Holy Days: Self Compassion in the Uncertainty of Certainty by Rabbi Asher Knight (Charlotte Jewish News Editorial, September 2018)

Years ago, during a visit to the Cairo museum, I stared into the face of Ramses II. Mummified and frozen in time, his body de...


Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust by Nora Yesowitch

For me, faith and trust go together because if you meet a person and you get to know them and start to want to be friends wit...


Exploring the Animating Spirit of Life by David Weinrib

At 13 years old, I did not have a Bar Mitzvah. I did, however, have lots of questions. Growing up in Montgomery, Alabam...

From Fear to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by Jaden Auslander

Sep 04

Hello. My name is Jaden Auslander and I have juvenile arthritis, or JA. My JA affects every joint and most of the muscles in my body. Living with chronic pain can be pretty scary sometimes, and this fear used to hold me back. When I was 9 years old, all of my friends were talking […]

FEAR: Face Everything And Rise by Megan Harkavy

Sep 03

I recently read a quote: “F.E.A.R has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.” I used to follow the “Forget Everything And Run” and realize now that fear stopped me from enjoying possible new experiences. The first time I can recall allowing fear to stop me was when I wanted to […]

Living Life with Courage by Randi Eccleston

Sep 02

My life was amazing and perfect until March of 2009, when my youngest child (I am the mom of two girls) ate walnuts and went into anaphylaxis. There is nothing worse than seeing your child sick or hurt. I felt helpless, and deeply scared. In the blink of an eye, life changed. Having a food […]

Faith, Trust, and the Best Laid Plans by Alba-Justina (A-J) Secrist

Aug 31

The notion that “I am the master of my fate” was drilled into me throughout my childhood. This very American belief that if I conceive of a goal, my hard work and determination will see me to realizing it, shaped my behavior for most of my life. This conviction has brought me professional success and […]

On Fear and Courage and Stepping out into the World Anyway by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Aug 30

This year during Elul, my chevruta (study partner) Rabbi Leah Citrin I have been reading Psalm 27 each day as part of our preparation for the High Holy Days. I am not usually one for routines – I don’t like the idea of being tied to a daily task, or I forget once, decide I […]

The Lessons We Can Learn from Fear and Courage by Sage Kanofsky

Aug 29

Fear and courage can sound like giant topics. Fear includes anxiety, stress, and phobias. Courage involves moral, mental, and physical components. Fear and courage go hand in hand. Courage is what you choose to do with fear. However, I see an important difference as well: fear is unavoidable, but you can choose to show courage. […]

Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First by Susan Cherin Gundersheim

Aug 28

Growing up as an only child with a single mother, I felt a lot of responsibility for people’s happiness at an early age.  My mom gave me unconditional love and wisdom as she raised me, but I was the only constant person she could lean on, even as a young child.  Surrounded by dysfunctional adults, I became the “solution” to everyone’s problems – the entertainment, the […]