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The TBE Blog is the space where Temple Beth El’s Leadership Team members reflect on relevant topics that are most meaningful to us. Here you will find musings on everything from prayer to politics, music to mysticism and history to current day life. From our iPads, smartphones, and laptops to yours, these are the things that inspire us, keep us up at night, and fuel our own Jewish journeys.


Day 33 of the Omer – Smallness as Inspiration

Happy LaG b'Omer - the 33rd of the Omer is here - shaving and hair-cutting and going to parties allowed again.​ This is the...


Day 32 of the Omer – In Every Atom the Universe

Netzach in Hod - eternal self-centered victory in the awe-inspiring perspective from the minuscule. In the tiniest pixelated ...


Day 31 of the Omer – balanced self-reduction

Tiferet in Hod - harmonious beautiful fine-tuned balance in smallness and grace.​ We know that we should embrace some sense...

Day 30 of the Omer – Discipline and humility

Apr 26

Gevurah in Hod – power and rigor in humility and smallness.​ These seem tough to combine at first. Humility, even losing our selves in our powerlessness, may be a crutch. We need to exercise restraint.​ Gevurah represents powerful restraint – a mindfulness of enough being enough since we aim to be mindful of moderation in […]

Day 29 of the Omer – Humility and Compassion

Apr 24

Chesed in Hod – compassion in awe and humility. I find it easy to see compassion coming from our sense of smallness – this allows us to sympathize easily. We must proceed cautiously lest we get swept up in sympathizing and lose our ability to help out. We need compassion for ourselves when in the […]

Day 28 of the Omer – Knowing Now Planning Better

Apr 23

Malchut in Netzach – sovereignty, the rule of the present, in the persistent eternal victory.​ Taking a “now” view when we plan long term – we work to appropriately assess the situation as it is, before we think strategically.​ How many of our plans start with a ideas less than realistically connected to our current […]

Day 27 of the Omer – Feel Towards the Future

Apr 22

Yesod in Netzach – a firm and balanced foundation in the persistent perpetuity of the self. Finding a path into the future for ourselves requires more than a sense of values and a good plan, we must also feel out stable footholds on firm pathways. We aim to integrate our different senses and easily swayed […]

Day 26 of the Omer – Dependence in Importance

Apr 21

Hod in Netzach – quantum smallness and awe in eternal perpetuation of the self.​ These ends of the spectrum – humility and ego – depend on each other. All sound thinking, feeling, and acting, relies on balanced and appropriate use of self, sometimes less, sometimes more, and fine tuning that adjustment and its other dimensions […]

Day 25 of the Omer – Shabbat at last

Apr 20

Netzach in Netzach – the long view from the self focused perspective in itself. The simplest way to perpetuate life is through self-preservation. As this Shabbat evening continues the Boston crisis concludes with more life preserved, with great appreciation. In these moments of relief may we focus on celebrating life and the miraculous ways by […]

Day 24 of the Omer – Self in Communal Balance

Apr 19

Tiferet in Netzach – balanced harmony in the enduring single self. Thinking of our single self at the close of a week when we confront again and again our communal needs to come together – not so easy. To find the balance between our own needs and those of our community requires a sense of […]