Temple Beth El's Offices will be closed on Wednesday, Nov. 22, Thursday, Nov. 23, and Friday, Nov. 24.
Please join us for Shabbat services Friday night and Saturday morning. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Choose from a variety of projects to help our neighbors in need.



Temple Beth El congregants come together once a year, to perform mitzvot (good deeds) and help with Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). We meet at 9:00 am in the David Silverman Social Hall for a bagel breakfast and then break off to work on our community service projects, There is a project for everyone; preschoolers, school age children, teenagers, and grown-ups. Find the project that works for you and your family!

Time Commitment: 1-3 hours



The Shalom Park Freedom School (SPFS) is a collaboration of eight Shalom Park agencies working together to combat summer learning loss by providing a six-week literacy, character-building summer program for 80 low-income elementary school students. The first Jewish-sponsored Children’s Defense Freedom School® in the country, SPFS serves scholars from Sterling and Huntingtowne Farms elementary schools, the two schools in faith-based partnerships with Temple Beth El and Temple Israel. The camp runs from mid-June to late July. For more information or to volunteer, visit our website or email us.


Thank you so much for the generous donations of school supplies in September.  The school is grateful for all the many things delivered.  During November, we will collecting items for the health room.  The School Nurse needs:

–Boys’ and Girls’ underwear in small sizes (4, 6 and 8). These must be new.
–Gently-used socks.
–Gently-used boys’ and girls’ bottoms and tops – small sizes again.  When the little ones have accidents, the nurse needs replacement clothes for them.
–Ziplock bags (sandwich and gallon sized)
–Kleenex, Kleenex and more Kleenex

As always, volunteers are needed for activities inside and outside of the classroom during the school year.  Please contact Kim Wilkoff at kimwilkoff@aol.com or 610-639-4705 for more information on how to get involved.

Temple Beth El has joined with Sterling Elementary School as a part of CMS’s Faith Community Partnership program. Both the congregation and the Religious School have opportunities to participate in this program. Sterling Elementary, with 750 students attending the school; 92% of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch, is located in Pineville, off of South Boulevard.

Volunteers are needed for activities both inside and outside of the classroom during the school year. Projects over the course of the year include a backpack drive, gently used or new book donations, weekly tutors, lunch buddies, grounds help, student incentives, adopt a family during the holidays and test proctors. If you are interested in participating in the partnership, please contact Linda Hindel.


The Levine JCC, Temple Beth El, Temple Israel, the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte and the Foundation of Shalom Park have teamed up for the Shalom Park Environmental Initiative – SHALOM GREEN. Together we are working to reduce the Carbon Footprint of Shalom Park facilities and operations, educate the community about Jewish environmental values, and operate the new Shalom Park Community Garden. For more information, check out these links or email environmental@shalomcharlotte.org

Find us on facebook and tweet us on Twitter

More information about the Shalom Park Community Garden

More information about the Shalom Green Challenge.


CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Walk involves walking a 3.8 miles route around Elizabeth and midtown neighborhoods. About 25 percent of the money raised is distributed to three local partners: the Second Harvest Food Bank, Loaves & Fishes and Crisis Assistance Ministry. The rest of the money supports global projects. Houses of worship have traditionally been a backbone of the annual effort. Read more and find out how to support the Temple Beth El Crop Walk Team.

Contact Jill Blumenthal for information on how you can be a part of the Temple Beth El team.

Time commitment: One Sunday afternoon. Help with Fundraising as you wish.


Help a family transition from homelessness to long-term self-sufficiency by joining a Hope Team. Charlotte Family Housing matches 3-6 volunteers with a family transitioning out of homelessness to provide support and encouragement, including such activities as helping with birthdays for children and mentoring employment opportunities for parents. Your new relationship is guided jointly by CFH’s social worker and Hope Team manager.

Temple Beth El currently participates in one Hope Team and others are forming. You can join an existing team or start a new one. For more information, contact Judy Seldin-Cohen.

Time Commitment: This is a 1-2 year commitment of several hours per month. Hope Team volunteers are required to submit a background screening form, attend an orientation, and complete volunteer training.


You can be an “angel” for those who need a well-deserved night off during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Volunteers are needed to relieve staff members in men’s and women’s shelters, hospitals and social service centers. Contact Merle Gottheim.

Time Commitment: About 3 hours


Sponsored by Urban Ministries Center, Room in the Inn provides shelter and food for homeless people during the winter months. Temple Beth El, Temple Israel and the Levine JCC join together to host our homeless “neighbors” from Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The RITI volunteers, help as:

  • Monitoring overnight
  • Preparing or serving breakfast or lunch
  • Setting up (making beds, setting up tables and chairs)
  • Cleaning up (putting beds away, cleaning kitchen)
  • Driving (picking up and dropping off “neighbors”)

This is a great opportunity to include your teenagers so they can get a glimpse of the difficulties our less fortunate neighbors face on cold nights on the Charlotte streets. You can find out more information through the Urban Ministry Center. Contact Patty Torcellini to volunteer.

See upcoming Room in the Inn dates on our calendar

Time commitment: Varies (can be as quick as preparing food or as long as overnight)


Deuteronomy 20:19 teaches: “you are not to bring ruin on [a city’s] trees” – from this we understand that the Torah calls upon us to safeguard the natural world.
The Teva Committee takes its name from the Hebrew word for “nature”. Teva organizes Temple Beth El members for activities and projects that apply Jewish learning to improving the earth and our environment. Teva aims to bring conservationist concerns to TBE and bring TBE members to local events that make a difference in Charlotte’s ecology and our quality and longevity of life on our planet.

Time Commitment: Once a month, 2 hours


Volunteers gather at the Urban Ministries Center on the 5th Sunday of appropriate months (four times a year) to prepare and serve soup and sandwiches for Urban Ministries Center’s homeless clients. Contact Gloria Peper.

Time Commitment: A 3-4 hour time commitment is typically needed on these Sundays.


Once they begin preparing for their simcha, all Temple Beth El students are expected to complete a b’nei mitzvah project. B’nei mitzvah students will:

  • spend 12 hours on this project.
  • pick a project enjoyable enough for them to want to continue even after their big day.
  • have contact with the people they are assisting. For example, if there is a donation collection, the b’nei mitzvah student will personally deliver the donations to the people in need.

Peruse this Action and Justice Project section for some b’nei mitzvah project ideas. Contact Rabbi Dusty Klass for more information.