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DAYEINU! by Dr. Laura Bernstein, Executive Director

Apr 13

Like tens of thousands of Jews around the world, my family and I recounted the story of Exodus this week as we participated in the annual Passover seder. It would have been enough to have been invited to one seder.  We were blessed to be included in two. It would have been enough to hear […]

Bright Lights by Dr. Laura Bernstein, Executive Director

Dec 29

Chanukah is a story of miracles and reminds us that light defeats darkness.  It’s a story of challenge and a story of hope. This Chanukah I reflect on the number of bright lights in my life and in the life of Temple Beth El. On the personal side, my life is filled with weekly trips […]

My Life Is Like A Chapter Book by Dr. Laura Bernstein

Oct 13

As we conclude Yom Kippur, a holiday of intense introspection, and look toward Sukkot, a holiday that calls us outside into the world and outside of ourselves, I find myself thinking about what my life will be like a year from now or perhaps 10 years from now.   What surprises are in store?  What challenges await?  […]


Aug 18

In this week’s Parsha Va’etchanan, we are told to “teach the Torah to your children and children’s children.”   So, what does this really mean?  For me, I think about what type of role model I need to be for my daughter.  She’s now 7 ½ and seems to have eyes in back of her head […]

Warm Cookies and Cold Milk are Good for You by Dr. Laura Bernstein

Jun 30

Well, this is it.  Tomorrow we welcome our new clergy.  We form a new leadership team.  We have a new Board President.  We take a significant step forward on our congregational journey. It is a moment for which we have long planned and anticipated. If you weren’t at the annual meeting, you missed Ginny Rosenberg sharing […]

The Journey Continues by Dr. Laura Bernstein

May 25

Tomorrow is Lag BaOmer, the 33rd day of the Omer.  The counting of the Omer marks the period from Passover, commemorating the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt, to Shavuot, commemorating the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. The journey from Egypt to Sinai was not only physical, but it was also spiritual.  The Israelites had […]

Giving is a Joyful Sacrifice by Dr. Laura Bernstein

Apr 14

In preparation for writing this blog, I decided to review this week’s parsha, Metzora.  Not an easy read unless you are a physician who is familiar with dermatology and urology; however, when we dig through the excruciating details and examine it deeper, there are some powerful messages that speak to Temple Beth El.  This week’s […]

Managing Transitions is a Blessed Journey by Dr. Laura Bernstein

Feb 25

Navigating and managing transitions is not about forgetting our history and starting everything anew; rather it is about respecting and celebrating what and who we say goodbye to, living fully in the present, and preparing for the future. Transition is about a sacred journey –a journey we will be blessed to share together. There are […]

Amazing Gifts by Dr. Laura Bernstein

Dec 10

A new riding helmet. A pair of barn boots. Barbie clothes. Movies. Games. Toy horses. These are some of the gifts my daughter has received this Chanukah. What I have received is a half-eaten lollipop, a prized necklace and bracelet, an original drawing, and the blessing of a smile, hug, and cuddle. Exactly seven years […]