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Pray for Faith by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Nov 18

Fear… of those filled with hate of violence of guns and terrorism. Faith… in the good in the “other” in the ability to uproot evil. Do not let fear close your hearts close your minds close your souls (or close your borders to refugees seeking sanctuary – for we were once them). Push through to […]

Pray for Paris by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Nov 14

Paris. Known for tourism now covered by nonstop news of terrorism. Known for art now filled with agony. Known for romance now rife with sorrow. The Eiffel tower darkened in mourning for a world turned upside down… a city shut down. A concert hall. A soccer stadium. A restaurant. Places of music and sports and […]

Top Ten Tips for a Healthy Relationship By Rabbi Judy Schindler and Ann Kreindler Seigel, LCSW, SEP

Oct 14

#1 – Partnership Genesis 2:18 – And the Lord God said: ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.’ The Hebrew ezer k’negdo can mean two things. It can mean that our partner is a help meet for us, lifting our lives and our […]

Iceland – Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover or a Country by Its Name by Rabbi Judith Schindler

Sep 09

I didn’t know too much about Iceland until this week. In terms of climate, Iceland is not known for its warmth. The summers barely see temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But this past week, the people of Iceland warmed our hearts. As hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing their war torn homeland of Syria, […]

Praying With Windows in Our Sanctuary by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Sep 01

The Talmud teaches that “A person should not pray except in a room which has windows.” In the book of Daniel, at the risk of losing his life for bowing down and praying to any god or any man but the King, Daniel went up to his room, opened his windows towards Jerusalem and prayed […]

The Power of Walking Together by Rabbis Judy Schindler, Ken Carr and Gary Pokras

Aug 28

The shofar was sounded, summoning us to join America’s Journey for Justice sponsored by the NAACP — a 40-day 860-mile march from Selma, Alabama to Washington DC. After a summer of racial tensions, church burnings in the South and murders in Charleston, close to 200 rabbis responded from all over the nation, each committed to […]

What if Jonathan Ferrell were my son? by Rabbi Judith Schindler

Aug 06

What if Jonathan Ferrell were my son? That’s what I thought about when I stopped by the court room on the first day of the Kerrick trial. Jonathan – a 24 year old former Florida A&M University football player, an aspiring engineer, engaged to a beautiful woman. What if Officer Kerrick were my son? Officer […]

Tisha B’Av by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Jul 27

The ninth of Av. A date of destruction and devastation not just once but again and again. 586 BCE. Our First Temple destroyed at the hands of Babylonians. 70 CE. Our Second Temple destroyed at the hands of the Romans. 1492. The Spanish expulsion. Our deadline for departing. World War I broke out on Tisha […]

A Greater Fire By Rabbi Judy Schindler

Jul 02

(Updated 7/14/15) Two weeks ago, Charlotte’s Briar Creek Road Baptist Church was a victim of arson. It is less than three and half miles from my home. Their children’s choir sang at our Beth El MLK service three years ago and my kids were close friends with the kids of their former minister, Dennis Hall. […]