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Passover is coming! Are you prepared? by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Apr 05

Passover is coming! Are you prepared? (Imagine an encouraging smile from me. Take a deep breath, and keep reading.) Don’t worry, I’m not ready yet either! There are so many ways to celebrate, and so many options for how we might choose to make the seder “our own.” Below, a definitely NOT exhaustive of some […]

Strengthening Our Connections with All Faiths by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Feb 28

When Temple Beth El first came onto my radar as a potential future workplace, I sent my father (who spent his entire career as a reporter for the Associated Press) on a mission: research this and other synagogues I was interested in, and report back with findings. One of the first articles he uncovered – […]

God, By Any Other Name? by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Feb 16

A few weeks ago, during Torah Study here at Temple Beth El, our group ended up in an hour-long study of a single sentence in the torah portion. The beginning of parashat Vayera reads: “And God spoke to Moses and said to him, ‘I am Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey; I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as El […]

Justice Shabbat Report from Our Rabbis

Feb 07

Just over three weeks ago, 136 of us gathered in Silverman Social Hall to begin a conversation about justice, and Charlotte, and our role in building a more just city. We promised to report back to you, and this email serves to do that. But before we begin, we want to express a few notes […]

One Egg at a Time by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Jan 12

This week, a chicken taught me a really important lesson. Kind of. I was at the gym listening to On Being, a podcast that explores some of the larger existential life questions through interviews with scholars and thinkers of all stripes. In this particular episode, Krista Tippet interviewed Brain Pickings* creator and curator Maria Popova […]

Digging Our Fathers’ Wells? by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Dec 01

“Like father, like son,” reads the old adage. And indeed, many Torah scholars note the parallels between Abraham’s journey and his son Isaac’s journey, which we learn about in this week’s Torah portion. Both do a lot of traveling, both grapple with foreign leaders and attempt to pass their wives off as sisters as a […]

Chanukah: Lighting the Lights That Help Us See More Clearly by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Nov 22

I just spent a whirlwind eight days in Israel; full of listening and learning – and a lot of sitting in rooms and meeting important people. My time in Jerusalem has given me many things to think about, and wrestle with, as all good trips to Jerusalem do. And as with all trips to Israel, […]

Tree People, Forest People, and Trying to be More of Both by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 26

I have always been a Tree Person. When I go hiking, I’m the one taking close-up photo of a particularly gnarled root system or the jigsaw puzzle-piece shaped bark of a ponderosa pine. Don’t get me wrong; I love a gorgeous view. But my phone camera rarely captures the grandeur of a mountain range, so […]

Return Again: Finding Meaning in Repetition and Repentance by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 06

Earlier this week, Rabbi Knight, Cantor Bernard, Cantor Thomas and I sat down to talk through our Yom Kippur services. Halfway through, I threw up my hands exasperatedly. “Didn’t we already DO this prayer???” In fact, we had. And I have news for you. We are going to do “that prayer” again. Judaism is a […]