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Tree People, Forest People, and Trying to be More of Both by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 26

I have always been a Tree Person. When I go hiking, I’m the one taking close-up photo of a particularly gnarled root system or the jigsaw puzzle-piece shaped bark of a ponderosa pine. Don’t get me wrong; I love a gorgeous view. But my phone camera rarely captures the grandeur of a mountain range, so […]

Return Again: Finding Meaning in Repetition and Repentance by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 06

Earlier this week, Rabbi Knight, Cantor Bernard, Cantor Thomas and I sat down to talk through our Yom Kippur services. Halfway through, I threw up my hands exasperatedly. “Didn’t we already DO this prayer???” In fact, we had. And I have news for you. We are going to do “that prayer” again. Judaism is a […]

Nitzavim: Standing With, Standing For, Standing Together by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Aug 25

In a Torah portion familiar to those of us who have begun thinking about the High Holy Days (welcome to the rabbinate!) we read the following words: “Atem nitzavim hayom, kulchem – You stand here this day, all of you, before Adonai your God…” Last Thursday, I drove to Raleigh for the launch of Nitzavim: […]

The Power of Reframing, or “What I Learned in Yoga This Week” by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Jul 28

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a month-long membership trial at a yoga studio in town. My first class was a weekday afternoon class, so I wasn’t expecting a full house. By the official class start time of 3pm, we had about half of the room filled. After a few minutes, I looked […]