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The Power of Volunteering: Our lives changed because of you! by Eileen Schwartz

Mar 05

I reached out to the TBE Caring Committee (now called Hineynu) in December 2015. I was my Mom’s caregiver. I was feeling isolated, exhausted and unsure about Mom’s future health. She was 95 and I realized that I could no longer manage alone. I contacted the Caring Committee and suddenly had one or two weekly […]

About Chevrah Kadisha by Courtney Rosenthal

Mar 05

Rabbi Dusty Klass once told me that as Jews, we just “get death right.”  As someone who wrestles with considering her own mortality and the mortalities of those around her, I was hungry to experience this peace. I had only been to one Jewish funeral my entire life, and I was young and overwhelmed. I started asking […]

Repairing the World through Racial Justice by Jennifer Clark (Charlotte Jewish News Editorial, Feb. 2019)

Feb 06

Tikkun olam—repairing the world, often through social action—has long been a cornerstone of Temple Beth El’s mission and values as a congregation. We have seen this in the number of canned goods collected for local food pantries around the High Holy Days and the many volunteer hours our congregants devote to causes in Charlotte and […]

Moving Forward Together – A Perspective on the Women’s March from Current and Past Senior Rabbis by Rabbi Asher Knight and Rabbi Judy Schindler

Jan 10

We are excited to participate in this year’s Charlotte Women’s March at First Ward Park on Saturday, January 26, 2019. Before the march, at 10:20 am, a Temple Beth El group will gather and start with a Shabbat morning prayer experience. Marching on Shabbat? Shabbat can be prayer in action, either at Temple or in […]

We Listen and Learn from You by Sam Swire, Director of Youth Engagement

Nov 15

This past weekend I had the privilege of helping to staff our 10th graders’ annual Confirmation Trip. While most would shy away from accompanying 26 teenagers to Charleston for a bonding experience, it was exactly what Rabbi Klass, Rebecca Ferry, and I wanted to do. Being the third time running this trip we had a […]

Meditation’s Surprising Ties to Our Religious Practice by Adam Bernstein

Nov 01

In an attempt to divine some order from mid-life chaos, I recently turned to meditation. The loss of my parents, a health scare and other issues were catalysts, and a supportive sibling facilitated with the gift of a subscription for an iPhone app called “Ananda.” Most mornings I’ll drag myself out of bed, don headphones […]

President’s High Holy Day Message by Evan Wilkoff

Sep 24

What I am so honored and privileged to see in front of me today is a large cross section of the Charlotte Jewish community: young and young at heart, those of you born as Jews, married to Jews and raising Jewish children, converted to Judaism, living in an interfaith home, and individuals exploring what it […]

Temple Beth El Religious School Keeps Our Kids Connected By Moira Quinn Klein

Sep 21

September is a great month. Temperatures begin to slide from misery to comfortable. So does the humidity, by the way, which means “good hair days” outnumber the “bad”…a reason to love fall that is not to be taken lightly. We celebrate the High Holy Days, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah in quick succession. And moms and […]

Finding Home by Janette Schwartz

Sep 09

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had faith. Faith in the love of my parents, faith that tomorrow brings opportunity, and faith that everything changes. I’ve always had faith that there was a God above and surrounding me. A spirit that was certainly greater than myself or those I trusted. For me, faith […]