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A Modern Lament by Student Rabbi Hannah Elkin

Jul 18

Tishah B’Av, the holiday that commemorates the destruction of the ancient Temples in Jerusalem and other tragedies in Jewish history, can seem removed from our modern lives. Our ancient texts and rituals speak to the themes of trauma and injustice. This Saturday we will come together for a creative havdalah and evening service, followed by […]

President’s Remarks by Evan Wilkoff

Jun 28

Annual Congregational Meeting Speech – 2018 Izzy Cohen was the president of his synagogue and wasn’t feeling well. He checked himself into a hospital and was laid up in bed for a few days. One day his friend and fellow temple Board member, Moishe, surprised Izzy with a visit. Izzy’s eyes lit up when he […]

Vigil and Call to Action- This Saturday

Jun 27

Members of Temple Beth El have diverse perspectives on immigration. We value laws, rules, borders and security. Judaism also teaches us that every human being is created b’tzelem Elohim – in the image of God. The Torah commands us to protect and care for refugees and strangers because of our experience of slavery in Egypt. […]

What We Learned (Community Organizing Report Back Session)

Apr 30

What we learned (words written and shared by Andrea Cooper): As you might guess, we saw a range of experiences among congregants about race. If you haven’t yet, take a moment to look at the quotes on the wall. These are the very words we heard from congregants in our Listening Circles. We heard that […]

Celebrate Your Life. Be a Part of Mitzvah Day. by Jill Lipson

Apr 24

One Saturday morning after our Farber Leadership Group session in 2010, I was having brunch before services. Rabbi Judy took a seat beside me, and while in casual conversation popped the question, Would you like to co-chair Mitzvah Day next year? I had been in Charlotte only four years and really didn’t know anything about […]

Generations Care for the Hebrew Cemetery by Brian Yesowitch

Apr 19

Mitzvah Day is a very special day for our family.  Each May, we look forward to wrapping up the school year and eagerly await the warmth and freedom that summer brings. On Mitzvah Day, our Temple does a great job of putting together opportunities for everyone to get outside of the Sunday School classroom and […]

Immeasurable Fulfillment on Mitzvah Day by Marissa Brooks

Apr 13

To be honest, I have lost count of how many actual Mitzvah Days our family has done. We started many years ago when our oldest daughter (now 19) could barely write her name on a paper bag. I was inspired by Kelly Gaines (also a physical therapist) who was in charge of the program for […]

Do A Mitzvah for Our Community and for Yourself by Laura Lewin

Apr 11

OK, so I am not the most organized mom in the world.  Five years ago when my kids were 8, 9, and 11 I had “Mitzvah Day” written in ink on my calendar–I knew that we would be attending–but I sort of missed all of the email reminders to sign up for an actual project. […]

Focus on Tikkun Olam This Passover by Moira Quinn Klein, Past President (From Charlotte Jewish News Editorial, April 2018)

Apr 11

I SO look forward to Passover and the Seder even with all the work  to clean, cook, set the table with my best, bring out the Passover plate and Haggadahs…and my favorite: the bag of plagues! I take off from work and begin the marathon of preparation, table set-up, cooking, the Seder itself and cleanup. […]