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Passover Resources from TBE Clergy

Mar 28

Beginning Friday night, Jews all over the world will gather in their homes, surrounded by family and friends. We will sit down at tables large and small, filled to overflowing with food and plastic frogs, and speak, or read, or sing the familiar words: “Mah nishtana halailah hazeh mikol haleilot? – Why is this night […]

The Power of Our Congregation by Judy Seldin-Cohen

Feb 16

Lessons from TBE’s Action on Affordable Housing That Can Inspire Us Today In April 2010, the Temple Beth El Board passed a resolution on affordable housing and homelessness. So what, you might say – resolutions are just words. Actually, as a direct result of our stance at TBE, more than 100 homeless families are now […]

Social Justice and Action at Temple Beth El by Jill Blumenthal (From Charlotte Jewish News Editorial, January 2018)

Jan 03

Recently, I invited a friend to join me at a Shabbat service. He declined my invitation, explaining that at the last service he’d attended, the rabbi had referred to political events in the sermon. My friend said, “There’s too much political talk – I want my rabbis to give sermons on Torah, not the political […]

The Jewish Community Refugee Initiative (JCRI) Needs You! by Amy Lefkof

Dec 28

How many Jewish families does it take to resettle a Kurdish refugee family from Kirkuk? TBE families have been helping the Omar household, which consists of two brothers (translators for U.S. soldiers in Iraq), their wives (one of whom just received her visa in August), three young children, and a small flock of pigeons (pets). […]

Unpacking Audacious Hospitality by Ginny Rosenberg, President

Dec 27

It has been my privilege to receive congregants’ feedback about Temple life during my term. While most people are full of praise for our services, activities and communication (for which I take very little credit), some have concerns or are yearning for something different. To understand congregants’ feedback, it helps to identify the underlying expectations […]

At URJ Biennial, We Are Reminded That We Are Not Alone by Rachel Campbell

Dec 14

It would be an understatement to say that it has been a challenging time in our country these last several years. I don’t need to go through the laundry list why. And while Temple Beth El has served as a beacon to many of us during these hard times, it can often feel like we are […]

Rosh Hashanah President’s Speech by Ginny Rosenberg

Sep 21

Bishop and I had the good fortune to visit Spain this summer. As our tour guide led us through the cobbled streets of the old Jewish quarters, time and time again, she repeated her remarks. “We are entering the Jewish quarter. No Jews live here now.” In fact, we didn’t see any evidence of Jewish […]

Community Begins with a Warm Welcome by Holly Levinson

Sep 18

Abraham and Sarah were welcoming people. Abraham’s tent opened on four sides to welcome travelers from all directions. Abraham did not wait for strangers to approach, he rushed out and greeted them. Sarah’s tent was equally welcoming, with its doors wide open. In fact, the Shechinah, the Divine Presence that seeks to dwell among us, […]

A Community of Legos by Andy Siegel

Sep 18

We are all legos. Each of us unique in design, filled with color and infinite potential. One lego is cool. Two legos makes a combination. More and more legos, and you have a collection. A community. Like a lego community, our congregation is a collection of individual parts, strong members that are all valuable, especially when […]