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FEAR: Face Everything And Rise by Megan Harkavy

Sep 03

I recently read a quote: “F.E.A.R has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.” I used to follow the “Forget Everything And Run” and realize now that fear stopped me from enjoying possible new experiences. The first time I can recall allowing fear to stop me was when I wanted to […]

Living Life with Courage by Randi Eccleston

Sep 02

My life was amazing and perfect until March of 2009, when my youngest child (I am the mom of two girls) ate walnuts and went into anaphylaxis. There is nothing worse than seeing your child sick or hurt. I felt helpless, and deeply scared. In the blink of an eye, life changed. Having a food […]

Faith, Trust, and the Best Laid Plans by Alba-Justina (A-J) Secrist

Aug 31

The notion that “I am the master of my fate” was drilled into me throughout my childhood. This very American belief that if I conceive of a goal, my hard work and determination will see me to realizing it, shaped my behavior for most of my life. This conviction has brought me professional success and […]

The Lessons We Can Learn from Fear and Courage by Sage Kanofsky

Aug 29

Fear and courage can sound like giant topics. Fear includes anxiety, stress, and phobias. Courage involves moral, mental, and physical components. Fear and courage go hand in hand. Courage is what you choose to do with fear. However, I see an important difference as well: fear is unavoidable, but you can choose to show courage. […]

Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First by Susan Cherin Gundersheim

Aug 28

Growing up as an only child with a single mother, I felt a lot of responsibility for people’s happiness at an early age.  My mom gave me unconditional love and wisdom as she raised me, but I was the only constant person she could lean on, even as a young child.  Surrounded by dysfunctional adults, I became the “solution” to everyone’s problems – the entertainment, the […]

Mutual Relationships: Responsibility and Accountability by Randy Perneszi

Aug 24

Balancing responsibility for others with responsibility for myself has been a challenging experience all throughout life. I have always felt responsible for family, partners and those around me whom are regularly present in my life. I have always felt responsible for being the “good” one and for maintaining relationships. When family needed me, I rose […]

On Meeting Your Reflection by Phil Warshauer

Aug 24

When asked to reflect on my personal responsibility and accountability the first thing that came to mind was the following poem written by Peter Dale Wimbrow, Sr and first published in 1934. When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day Just go to […]

Why I Fast by Louis Aiello

Aug 22

It all began in 2015 when I was still renting a room inside someone else’s home. I had just graduated earlier that year but by this time I had learned a lot of important things, such as spending my time wisely and making each and every minute count in order to progress. I also learned […]

Finding Balance by Julie Rizzo

Aug 22

As a Jew, a parent and the Director of Social Action at the Levine JCC, questions of responsibility and accountability are always on my mind. Feelings of responsibility for myself and my children come naturally. I’m not sure if it was the time I spent in religious school as a child or simply the role […]