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TorahBuzz is the space where Temple Beth El’s clergy and leaders reflect on the religiously relevant topics that are most meaningful to us. Here you will find musings on everything from prayer to politics, music to mysticism. From our iPads, smartphones, and laptops to yours, these are the things that keep us up at night, fueling our own Jewish journeys.


For Jews: Fear, Flight or Fight by Rabbi Judith Schindler

Ten days ago, Dan Uzan, a 37-year-old, was shot dead guarding a Copenhagen synagogue while a Bat Mitzvah celebration was insi...



This week’s Parasha, Terumah, provides us lessons on how to fashion a sanctuary for God’s presence.  We read about seemi...


Israel is calling – let’s go! BY RABBI JONATHAN FREIRICH

Register for the TBE Family Trip to Israel by March 6, 2015! Trip dates: June 21 - July 2, 2015 Link to trip details an...

For the Sin of Technology by Rabbi Judith Schindler

Feb 04

  Inspired by a Joined In Education presentation by Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair at Providence Day School Technology — an addiction. Technology — taking it to bathrooms, to bed, to behind the wheel   (it can wait). Technology — not only a problem for our kids, it is a problem for us. Technology — I’m just […]

Our Jewish Values in Israel – Vote Now!

Jan 28

In a world where we feel that we need Israel more than ever, as a homeland, a source of pride and inspiration for all Jews everywhere, and in the worst situations (God forbid), a refuge for us all, our voices have never been more important in helping to determine the Jewish values of our shared […]

I Will Sing by Rabbi Judy Schindler delivered at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

Jan 26

Psalm 133 states – Hinei mah tov umah naim shevet achim gam yachad. Behold, how good it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together. How great it is to be here with all of you, the congregation of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. For more than 20 years we, Temple Beth El and Antioch Missionary […]

OPPORTUNITIES by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Jan 22

I am sometimes amazed by the nearly infinite number of ways a person can express his or her Judaism. It’s easy to focus more narrowly on activities directly associated with the synagogue, but the richness of Jewish life really depends upon the infusion of our principles and beliefs in life’s smallest nooks and crannies. Our […]

New conversations and connections

Jan 21

Seeking a new approach to spiritual life and bringing meaning into our lives? We have two new opportunities – one is a four session class exploring Kabbalah from a useful and scholarly perspective – how can Jewish mysticism affect my life for the better every day? Find out – details and registration here: Entering Kabbalah […]

Science and Religion by Rabbi Judith Schindler

Jan 19

Uncovering the hidden Confronting problems Asking questions struggling to find answers under microscopes, in ancient texts, and in the world The languages of both require translation for the commoner. Failure, success humility, pride passion, potential discovery, awe Building upon the learning and findings of those who came before us Sharing wisdom. Inspiring kids to embrace […]

Memories and Making a Difference BY Cantor Mary THOMAS

Jan 15

I’m writing today from a cozy spot in the heart of Manhattan. Several times a year, I make a one or two day pilgrimage to New York City to visit my voice teacher and have a tune up, so to speak. Congregants are often surprised to learn that I still take voice lessons and are […]