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Stories by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Apr 25

  When kids ask me whether some of the more fantastic or contradictory stories in the Tanach are true, I usually respond by asking them whether they go to annual family reunions. For those that do, I ask whether they hear the same family stories year after year, often told by their grandparents or their […]

Engaging Baby Boomers by Rabbi Asher Knight

Apr 25

When I first arrived in Charlotte, I met hundreds of congregants through Welcome Events planned by Temple Beth El’s Transition Committee. During these events, I repeatedly heard similar stories from our members, particularly Baby Boomers and Empty Nesters. They told me that they felt deeply tied emotionally to our congregation and to Jewish life, but […]

Chag Pesach Sameach by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Apr 20

Words I wait all year to say and to hear…Happy Passover. It is the story of our passing from slavery to freedom, but it is much more even than that. It is a family ritual, a gathering of loved ones, a special meal, a reading of our history, a time to eat food we only […]

DAYEINU! by Dr. Laura Bernstein, Executive Director

Apr 13

Like tens of thousands of Jews around the world, my family and I recounted the story of Exodus this week as we participated in the annual Passover seder. It would have been enough to have been invited to one seder.  We were blessed to be included in two. It would have been enough to hear […]

Passover is coming! Are you prepared? by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Apr 05

Passover is coming! Are you prepared? (Imagine an encouraging smile from me. Take a deep breath, and keep reading.) Don’t worry, I’m not ready yet either! There are so many ways to celebrate, and so many options for how we might choose to make the seder “our own.” Below, a definitely NOT exhaustive of some […]

TBE Youth- Impressive! by Sam Swire, Director of Youth Engagement

Mar 29

When I would attend NFTY events as a high school student I had the feeling that when I was at a NFTY event I was able to be my best self. The weekend of 3/24 through 3/26 showed the same was true for the youth of TBE attending our youth programs. Here in Charlotte, 30 […]

Saying Goodbye by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Mar 27

It started off like any other vacation. A crazy week of Shabbat prep mixed with a crazier week of travel prep. Friday night services and then rushing home to pack. Several pre-dawn cups of coffee on Saturday while wrapping up things at home and loading the suitcase into the car. An early morning swim before […]

More Than Enough by Cantor Mary Rebecca Thomas

Mar 20

Parashat Vayakhel, Shabbat March 24-25, 2017 In this week’s Torah portion, men and women of special skill are called upon to craft objects for the Tabernacle. Those who weave or work with metals, among other skills, are entreated to use their talents to make magnificent the place in which God will dwell, the place where […]

Join us March 31st for Teen-Led Shabbat by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Mar 15

One of the things I love most about Temple Beth El is the degree to which our teens assume responsibility for the work we do as a congregation. They are highly skilled and dedicated teachers and worship leaders. They are an integral part of many projects that benefit the community and are proud representatives of […]