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Something for Everyone on Mitzvah Day by Karen Greenblatt

May 13

There’s something for everyone on Mitzvah Day.  We started in 1998 when our sons were just two years old, coloring paper bags that older kids would fill with toiletries (for the women’s shelter) or lunches (for the Salvation Army).  We also baked cookies, before someone realized, fortunately for the recipients, that toddlers handling cookie dough […]

Why I am Participating in Mitzvah Day by Jennifer Golynsky

May 08

I was contacted last year by Charlotte Family Housing and asked to provide some pro bono human resource consulting.  After researching the organization, I quickly agreed.  I held focus groups with the dedicated employees to gauge job satisfaction and learn about the population they serve. Due to the lack of local, affordable housing, Charlotte Family […]

Charting a New Course – Attend the May 6th Annual Meeting by Rabbi Asher Knight

Apr 23

The holiday of Passover reminds us that long-ago, Moses and the Israelites stood at a crossing and dared to make a covenant that would embrace generations past and generations not yet born. The Passover Seder reminds us that we are still in the covenant business, still in the daring business, still envisioning what lies on […]

Mitzvah Day – It’s About the Bagels by Rachel Choffin

Apr 22

I first got involved in Mitzvah Day as a little kid. My first memory of this event was the giant pile of bagels in the middle of the room – and then we (as a family) helped decorate bags for meal prep items/food to go home with the students at The Freedom School. When I […]

Sacred Ground by Susan Jacobs, Director of Education

Apr 16

On Sunday, April 7th, Temple Beth El Religious School third grade students and their parents took a field trip to The Hebrew Cemetery of Charlotte. Our third graders have been learning about Jewish life cycle events all year and the rituals around death and burial are part of their studies. This is not an easy […]

Why I Participate in Mitzvah Day by Jennifer Clark

Apr 15

Tikkun olam, the call to repair the world, is not only what drives me to click on the registration link and sign up for Mitzvah Day every year, but these words (and the sentiment and actions behind them) are an undercurrent of what connects me to the Jewish community in Charlotte and beyond. The many […]

Getting Lost in the Logistics of Passover and Finding Our Way Forward by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Apr 11

In preparing for Passover it is so easy to get lost in the logistics – the guest list and the table settings, the matzah and the menu. The seder is such an elaborate meal. The Shabbat before Pesach calls us to plan ahead with intention. This coming Shabbat has a special name – it is […]

Why My Family Helps Levine Children’s Hospital on Mitzvah Day by Michelle Siegel

Apr 08

My niece Catherine was born in November 2012 with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). We experienced the tremendous strain a child’s medical condition can take on a family. We watched as my brother and sister-in-law spent weeks at a time with her in the hospital. We witnessed doctors, nurses, therapists, […]

Perpetually Seeking Freedom by Rabbi Dusty Klass (Charlotte Jewish News Editorial Apr. 2019)

Apr 04

Every year, a little over a month after Purim and its revelry, we gather at tables – round tables, square tables, multiple tables cobbled together because we are too many to fit at one table. We gather to dip parsley and ask questions and tell the story, again. We gather to remind ourselves, and each […]