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Developing Trust, Despite Differences by Rob Abramowitz

Sep 12

When we first met, I was a new psychologist, just beginning to feel comfortable with troubled people coming to me for help. He was as different from me as one could imagine. He was a dark-skinned African American man. His military background, athletic and artistic accomplishments, his broken family history were all outside my own […]

My Sister’s Light: Tikkun Olam by Amy Fine

Sep 12

I was two and a half when my sister Lauren was born. Seven weeks early and weighing 3lbs, 10oz, she came out fighting. Everyone was impressed by how quickly she moved through the NICU, coming home healthy and strong. 27 years later, we continue to be impressed by the way Lauren moves through life. I’m […]

On Choosing Relationship and Connection over Judgement and Discomfort by Allison Winston

Sep 12

For the past four years, as a Street Outreach Specialist for Urban Ministry Center, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Charlotte’s most vulnerable, often invisible population: those experiencing long-term, unsheltered homelessness. I spend most of my time with those who sleep in encampments in the woods, on park benches, on the streets of Uptown, […]

Finding My Light by Becky Stamler

Sep 12

There is much light in so many people I know. I’ve known professional mentors who guided me in their footsteps to do fulfilling, purposeful work; courageous people who have faced personal demons that have assaulted their well-being; the steadfast folx who make the Transformative journey of affirming their truth; and my wife, Lisa, who gets […]

Expanding My Bubble by Patty Torcellini

Sep 03

Life with 3 children and a career can be very challenging and finding quality time to do something other than keeping things afloat felt scarce. For years, I spent most of my spare time volunteering at my children’s schools, both secular and religious, and I found that I was floating along in my own little […]

To Love and Be Loved by Roswell Ecker

Sep 03

I have always been puzzled by the Western individualistic notion that you can’t truly love or be loved by others until you love yourself. I see it as similar to the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality that allows so many people to deny the plight of their neighbors by blaming those who are […]

Finding Relationships that Feed You and Allow You to Feel Fed by Peter Blair

Sep 03

I am truly blessed – I’m asked each day to work towards building relationships within our community. Through this work, I have learned that these individual relationships are the strands of fabric that hold our community together. I’ve also learned that when we do not invest in relationships, we become agitated more easily, we notice […]

Finding My Place by Janet Abel

Sep 03

I have always been Jewish. Not just by birth, but as a key part of my identity. Growing up in Miami, I was the one in the family that was involved and always wanted to be at Temple. I went to Sunday school, Hebrew school, and taught Israeli folk dance after Hebrew school! Though I […]

Listen to your Soul Sing by Emily Lopez

Aug 29

Have you ever stopped to wonder how you came to arrive at a particular life moment? How did your soul guide you?  Did you let it? I fell in love with my husband Fernando while living in Barcelona.  Had I not followed a karmic connection from years earlier back to Barcelona, had I not listened […]