Caring Opportunities

As a caring and supportive faith family, we constantly review the ways in which we can support TBE members during difficult times. The following initiatives are a few of the many ways we seek to help when times are tough:

If you need support or would like to volunteer, please contact Candace Naliboff.


With such a large community, there are often individuals who need additional support on a short-term basis while recovering from surgery or illness.  Volunteers may be asked to pay a visit to someone unable to leave their home, pick up groceries or drug prescriptions, or just make periodic phone calls to check up on someone living alone.


From time to time, members of our congregation can benefit from having prepared meals delivered to their home.  In order to be able to accommodate this need, we maintain a list of people who we can call on to cook and/or deliver meals when requested. If you’d like to help, please contact Zippy Koch.


As a problem for adults, families, and teens, domestic violence is an issue that cuts across all socio-economic, educational and religious groups. In 2007 Temple Beth El not only formally acknowledged it, but resolved to address it by becoming a “safe haven” – a community that promotes safety, justice and healing; and by working to end it through education and awareness-raising activities (see Resolution on Domestic Abuse).

Click Here for a Domestic Violence Resource Guide

In working toward these goals Temple Beth El has initiated or collaborated in many ground-breaking efforts including:
• Dedicated weekend in October and throughout month to raise awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
• Dedicated activities in February for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
• Tailored educational programs for teens, women and men.
• Promotional materials including Resource Guide to programs and services

To become involved or for more information contact
Marsha Stickler at


The Bereavement team remains in contact with mourners in the weeks and months following the death of a loved one, providing a sympathetic ear and ongoing support. For more information please contact Marsha Zaidman .


We often have congregants who are unable to attend services or have difficulty getting to doctor’s appointments due to lack of transportation.  Please contact us if you are willing to be called when a ride is needed.


“As he came, so shall he go” says Ecclesiastes.  Just as the newborn child is immediately washed as he enters the world, so is he lovingly cleaned and prepared as he leaves this world.  The greatest mitzvah we can fulfill is caring for those who have died.  This act is so esteemed in our tradition that it is called chesed shel emet — a true act of grace.  If you would like to join Chevra Kaddisha and be trained for performing taharah (the ritual washing and preparing for burial) those members of our congregation who have made that request, please contact us.


Temple Beth El honors our elderly by taking time to visit with those who are less active and cannot easily  leave their homes to come to Temple. If you’d like to be a part of this compassionate group of congregants, please contact Kelly Markiewitz.