Yom Kippur

YK PicYom Kippur is the moment in Jewish time when we dedicate our mind, body, and soul to reconciliation with God, our fellow human beings, and ourselves. We are commanded to turn to those whom we have wronged first, acknowledging our sins and the pain we might have caused.  At the same time, we must be willing to forgive and to let go of certain offenses and the feelings of resentment they provoked in us. On this journey we are both seekers and givers of pardon.

This year (5778 or 2017), Yom Kippur is observed on September 29 and 30. Please join us for Kol Nidrei on the evening of September 29 and for worship services and study throughout the day on September 30.

Please visit the URJ Yom Kippur Page for more information, history, customs, and family activities associated with Yom Kippur.

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