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Welcome Rabbi Beth Nichols, Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning

Jun 30

We are excited to welcome Rabbi Beth Nichols as our new Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning. Rabbi Nichols will partner with TBE Clergy, staff, faculty, and lay leaders to create dynamic learning opportunities.  Name Beth Nichols Job Title Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning Birthplace Lexington, Massachusetts What drew you to working at Temple Beth El and […]

TriBE Update by Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement

Feb 13

It has been an exciting journey to get to where we are today with our TriBEs (Small Groups) at Temple Beth El. We are fortunate to have received a generous grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte to help us launch our inaugural cohort of TriBEs geared to Baby Boomers and Empty Nesters. TriBEs […]

Congregants Create Bonds at Temple Beth El

Jan 03

Engagement is a big buzz word in the Jewish world right now. Many Jewish institutions talk about engagement while some simultaneously struggle to truly engage their constituents. We create a warm welcome that makes people feel good when they walk in the door – that’s only if they make a choice to walk in the […]

Share the Warmth, Shine Bright by Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement

Dec 12

This time of year always seems particularly tough. It gets darker earlier. The weather gets colder. Many things which I am excited to do outside become harder to do as a result of the unpredictable weather. Luckily, Charlotte, NC has warmer/shorter winters with many sunnier days than Cincinnati, OH and Baltimore, MD where I previously […]

Find Your TriBE by Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement

Oct 17

TriBEs are small groups of individuals, couples, or families that help make our big community feel small. They help every person be a part of something sacred. They help to deepen your connection with other congregants who share similar interests or life stages. They enable you to share Jewish experiences, conversations, and celebrations with other […]

Transformation at Temple Beth El by Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement

Jun 21

This past week, my wife and I bought new patio furniture off of NextDoor. We immediately thought about how nice it will be to enjoy sitting outside over the summer having dinner with the amazing friends we have made since we moved here. We have created new relationships and deepened relationships with people whom we […]

Purim – Tradition, Innovation, Experimentation by Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement

Feb 01

Judaism is all about tradition. We do what we do because our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on and so forth did it at one point in time. Traditions may also become stale or lose meaning. Why do we ALWAYS do what we do? Sometimes we know, but more often than not, we do what […]

Home by Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement

Nov 15

Many people have numerous definitions for the word home. Over the years, I often asked myself, “Is home where I live or is it where I was born?” Home is defined as the place where one lives permanently. I have not lived in Atlanta since I graduated from high school in 2002. I have almost spent more years […]