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Eichah – How the City Sits Alone!

Jul 27

It is with sadness that I write this last Shabbat blog from Jerusalem. My mood is similar to so many in this city. On Saturday night, as I fly to America with Max and Alec, the traditional Jewish world will be in mourning. They will fasting in remembrance of the manifold tragedies that happened to […]

Wrestling with the Israel I know and Love

Jul 20

Real relationships are not always easy. They require negotiation, compromise, understanding and space for each partner to grow. As the Biblical Jacob wrestled with an angel, today I wrestled with the Israel I know and love. In 1990, when I was a first year Rabbinical student in Jerusalem, I was hesitant to tell anyone what […]

Israel – My Passion for This Place

Jul 13

As I prepare to greet my third Shabbat in Israel, I now have a chance to reflect on what I love about this country. I love Shabbat. I love that the market across the street from our apartment is open 24/6. I love that as we shop at Machaneh Yehudah (the Jerusalem outdoor market) to […]

Religion and Politics: Rabbi Judy, Where Is the Line?

Apr 02

I love our congregation. I love it for our supportive congregants who daily make a difference, lift up the lives of those in need, and even lift me up when I am feeling burdened by the pain and loss of our members.  I love our congregants for the challenges they pose to me and for the […]