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From Social Distance to Social Justice: Bringing Congregants Together

Jul 06

Jill: In the early days of the shutdown in March through May 2020, most Friday nights I found myself logging onto Zoom around 7:30 pm.  In those first few weeks of adjusting to working and isolating at home, cut off from my usual routines and the people I interacted with every day, it was a […]

Grateful for Our Community by Jessica Auslander

May 20

Our family just celebrated our daughter’s bat mitzvah. It was an amazing milestone for our family for multiple reasons. As I reflected on her journey, I became even more grateful for our TBE community.   I did not have a good religious school experience, and my parents did not force me to continue. Most of my Jewish […]

TriBE Spotlight: The Spice Girls by Beth Lewis

May 17

The Spice Girls TriBE is a great group of women, diverse in our stages of life. We all enjoy cooking and baking and sharing our love of food, our families, and an interest in the deeper questions of our personal relationship with Judaism. We open every meeting by stating our purpose, which is “A place […]

A Message from Clergy About Israel

May 12

Dear Temple Beth El Community and Friends, We write to you with sadness and grave concern as we read and watch the news reports of what is happening in Israel and the Palestinian territories. We grieve the loss of life. We also write with the full recognition that facts on the ground are changing quickly. […]

New Social Justice Outreach Coordinator

Mar 03

Temple Beth El is very excited to welcome Nicole Sidman to our staff team as Social Justice Outreach Coordinator. Nicole has been part of our Temple Beth El community since 2017 when her family moved to Charlotte from New York. Nicole graduated from the University of Michigan Law School with a Juris Doctorate and has […]

Pivoting With Your TriBE by Kelly Markiewitz

Mar 01

PIVOT – The buzz word of 2020. Restaurants were hit hard by the pandemic, many closed either permanently or temporarily. However, many reinvented themselves. They converted their indoor areas into mini grocery stores, selling anything from the coveted toilet paper to cleaning products to farmers market items. They started packaging takeout as family meal deals, […]

Board of Directors – Application for Nomination

Feb 10

Dear Temple Beth El Members, Our Board nomination process is underway and we are looking for members who are willing to commit to be considered for nomination to our Board of Directors. Temple Beth El is run by and for our members.  Each year, in advance of our Annual Meeting and in accordance with Article […]

Tu BiShvat Resources

Jan 27

Tu BiShvat, or the 15th of the Hebrew month of Shevat, commemorates the Jewish new year for trees – it’s when we say happy birthday to all the trees of the world! Take some time today or this weekend to wonder at the beauty of nature, celebrate all things tree, and thank God and the universe […]

A Message from Temple’s Clergy and President

Jan 07

Dear Temple Beth El Family,  The events unfolding in Washington, D.C. this afternoon are deeply troubling. In times of difficulty, we seek comfort and wisdom from the words of our tradition: Rabban Shimon ben Gamaliel used to say, “On three things does the world stand: On justice, on truth and on peace” (Pirkei Avot). Judaism has long taught […]