Toby Waller

My favorite thing about being Jewish is the food and the connections you make with other people. We have some pretty great food, and I have met a lot of great people and friends through Judaism. To me, becoming a Bar Mitzvah means getting older and embracing my responsibilities. I have learned that services can be fun. With my Sheva class, all of our T’fillot (services) were fun and meaningful. My mitzvah project was running Sensory Friendly shows and Children’s Theater Charlotte. I chose it because I love theater and I think everyone should be able to see it. I will definitely continue doing it after my Bar Mitzvah. I plan to keep going to Sheva after this, go to Hebrew High, and go to NFTY events and Kallahs.

Toby’s parents are Mike Waller and Liz Waller. His siblings are Sam Waller and Andrew Waller. Granparents are Dan Reitman and Diane Reitman, from Savannah, GA. and Barb Waller and Gary Waller, from Ankeny, IA.  Send notes of mazel tov.