Confirmation Class of 5782

On Friday, May 13, congregants and guests were invited to a special Shabbat Service led by the Confirmation Class of 5782. During this service, Fred and Joy Miller presented the Michelle Miller Award for Jewish Commitment to Mia Lederer and Emily Schenkel. This award is presented annually to one or two TBE Confirmation students and […]

20th Anniversary of the Michelle Miller Award by Fred and Joy Miller

Temple Beth El joins Fred and Joy Miller in remembering their daughter, Michelle, whose 20th yahrzeit was marked in April. We are honored that the Millers have chosen to honor Michelle’s memory through the Michelle Miller Award for Jewish Commitment, which is presented to one or two Temple Beth El confirmation students every year. We invite […]

In Moments Like These, Judaism and Your Clergy Are Here for You

Many members have reached out to us to share profound concern about the news that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, once again making it possible for states to outlaw abortion in this country. For now, abortion is still a legal and constitutionally-protected right. From Torah to Talmud, from 12th century […]

TBE Hires Its First-Ever COO

Jonathan Friedman has been named Temple Beth El’s first-ever Chief Operating Officer (COO). He began work on April 25. “We were lucky to find Jonathan at this stage in his career when he was ready for a new challenge,” said TBE’s Board President, Benjamin Benson. “He wants to apply his passion, business skills, and know-how […]

TriBE Spotlight: Vino & Vinyl by Tracey and Josh Adams

Our TriBE, called Vino & Vinyl, began during the pandemic. The inspiration for our TriBE was to bring together people who enjoy wine and drink, as well as music—especially, but not exclusively, music from our youth (mostly in the 1980s). It has indeed brought us together for those reasons, but has also done so for […]

Spice Girls TriBE Hosts a Sweet Passover Seder by Beth Lewis

This past weekend, the Spice Girls TriBE hosted a Women’s Chocolate Seder. With an updated Haggadah and homemade chocolate treats as Seder plate items, this event was unlike any other. The event, attended by 65 beautiful women from Temple Beth El and the greater Charlotte Jewish community, was an amazing success that will continue to […]

Pesach: Boldly Facing the Spiritual Exhaustion of the Pandemic

The psychologist, Sherry Turkle, explained in her book, Alone Together, that we live in an age where we have sacrificed real relationships for superficial connections. For many, the pandemic has made this reality worse. After two years of living with the COVID long-emergency and trauma, we are, quite literally, alone – together. At home, alone […]

TriBE Spotlight: Nosh, Schmooze, Explore & Soar by Linda and Ira Bass

Our TriBE, Nosh, Schmooze, Explore & Soar, met via Zoom on Saturday night, February 19th. We had a great time catching up and really had a nice discussion. Prior to our meeting, we sent out several questions for members to choose from and then share their answers with our group. The responses allowed us to […]

Geography & Wine TriBE by Peter Benjamin

Who would have thought that taking virtual trips around the world and learning about a particular region’s wines was of interest to anyone but serious vinophiles? Certainly not I. However, since the 3+ years since its inception, our Geography & Wine TriBE gatherings have been an incredibly enjoyable and educational experience for even non-wine drinkers […]