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Find Your TriBE

Apr 13

  TriBEs are small groups of Temple Beth El Members that help make our big community feel small. They help every person be a part of something sacred. Through playing together, praying together, learning together, acting together, caring for one another, and being accountable to each other, a large Temple becomes a small community where […]

The Spirit of Giving is Strong at Temple Beth El

Apr 01

In August 2020, amidst a global pandemic and right before the High Holy Day season, I began my role as Director of Development and Member Services at Temple Beth El. My husband, Kevin, and I have been members since we moved to Charlotte in 2018, and the opportunity to work alongside TBE’s outstanding clergy and staff was tremendously exciting.  More than six months […]

A ChallahDay Note of Gratitude

Mar 22

Over the past two weeks, we marked a year of living through the pandemic, coming together from afar to share a collective challah hug. It was heart-warming (and by all counts, delicious!) Thank you to all those who baked, whether you contributed one loaf or one hundred, whether you consider yourself an expert baker or […]

New Social Justice Outreach Coordinator

Mar 03

Temple Beth El is very excited to welcome Nicole Sidman to our staff team as Social Justice Outreach Coordinator. Nicole has been part of our Temple Beth El community since 2017 when her family moved to Charlotte from New York. Nicole graduated from the University of Michigan Law School with a Juris Doctorate and has […]

Celebrate Passover 5781

Mar 02

Crisis breeds creativity. While all of us sitting at our zoom seder tables last year hoped Passover 2021 would look different than Passover 2020, we will still gather over zoom for seder and services. However, a year of pandemic living has taught us all a couple of things, and we are excited to get even […]

Pivoting With Your TriBE by Kelly Markiewitz

Mar 01

PIVOT – The buzz word of 2020. Restaurants were hit hard by the pandemic, many closed either permanently or temporarily. However, many reinvented themselves. They converted their indoor areas into mini grocery stores, selling anything from the coveted toilet paper to cleaning products to farmers market items. They started packaging takeout as family meal deals, […]

See Yourself in the Passover Story of Resilience

Mar 01

It’s hard to consider that we have lived through over a year of COVID. Last year at Passover we said, Mah nishtanah halilah ha-zeh: Why is this night different from all other nights? But the difference wasn’t just in eating matzah. Our first pandemic Passover tasted like a bitter herb dipped twice into salt-water tears. […]

A Prayer for Receiving the COVID Vaccine

Feb 19

A Prayer for Receiving the Covid Vaccine by Rabbi Naomi Levy I have been praying for this day and now it is here! With great excitement, a touch of trepidation And with deep gratitude I give thanks To all the scientists who toiled day and night So that I might receive this tiny vaccination That […]

Board of Directors – Application for Nomination

Feb 10

Dear Temple Beth El Members, Our Board nomination process is underway and we are looking for members who are willing to commit to be considered for nomination to our Board of Directors. Temple Beth El is run by and for our members.  Each year, in advance of our Annual Meeting and in accordance with Article […]