Ask Big Questions

Ask Big Questions seeks to deepen understanding and strengthen community through reflective conversations about questions that matter to everyone.  No matter our background or perspective, we need opportunities to see and hear each other more deeply – not as labels but as human beings. Conversations that help us connect are essential building blocks for strong and inclusive communities. Big Question conversations support and strengthen civic habits of listening, civility, and engaging diverse perspectives, which are important steps toward better problem solving. Ask Big Questions is an initiative of Hillel International.

The Ben Franklin Circles

The Ben Franklin Circles (BFC) is a collaborative project of 92nd Street Y (92Y), the Hoover Institution, and Citizen University. BFC reflects a shared commitment to fostering civic participation, open dialogue, and ethics-based leadership. For more information, on BFC, click here.

Moral Resistance and Spiritual Authority: Our Jewish Obligation to Social Justice

This foundational new book reminds us of our ancient obligation to bring justice to the world. The essays in this collection explore the spiritual underpinnings of our Jewish commitment to justice, using Jewish text and tradition, as well as contemporary sources and models. Among the topics covered are women’s health, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, racial justice, speaking truth to power, and community organizing.

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  • Optional Discussion Guide
  • Suggested reading schedule:
  • Forward and Introduction: Pages xiii-xxviii
  • Part 1: any or all of the articles between pages 3-100
  • Part 2a (A): any or all of the articles between pages 101-192
  • Part 2a (B): any or all of the articles between pages 193-274
  • Part 2b (A): any or all of the articles between pages 275-308
  • Part 2b (B): any or all of the articles between pages 309-349

Jewish Sensibilities

Jewish Sensibilities are approaches to living and learning that permeate Jewish culture. The ideas, values, emotions and behaviors they express, emanating from Jewish history, stories and sources, provide inspiration and guidance that help us respond creatively and thoughtfully to life’s challenges and opportunities. The term was first introduced by Vanessa Ochs in her 2003 Sh’ma Journal article Ten Jewish Sensibilities.

M² - Value Sparks

Value Sparks are interactive educational resources designed with the signature M² approach: experiential activities using multiple modalities; stimulating values explorations through Jewish texts and ideas; presented in a beautiful, ready-to-use platform.

Each Spark contains multiple activities, exercises and discussion prompts. Use it in full, or choose a small piece to ignite learning (and fun!) among learners, family and friends.

High Holy Days Discussion Guides

Use this resource complied by Rabbi Klass created in conjunction with Rabbi Alan Lew’s book, “This Is Real and You are Completely Unprepared.”

We come upon this High Holy Day season in the midst of a pandemic. This year, the themes of acknowledging what’s broken and seeking wholeness have new urgency and relevance. Even if you do not observe the Jewish New Year, the themes and metaphors of brokenness and wholeness can be a guide to making sense of the past year, and how you move forward.

Death Over Dinner

The way we die is the most important conversation Americans are not having. Talking about death is not easy and we’re not used to it, but we believe that this conversation ultimately helps us appreciate the fullness of life.

We have gathered dozens of medical and wellness leaders to cast an unflinching eye at end of life, and we have created an uplifting interactive adventure that transforms this seemingly difficult conversation into one of deep engagement, insight and empowerment. We invite you to gather friends and family and fill a table.

What to jump right in with our DIY Toolkit and DOD-JE Conversation Cards? Use the link below for our tried and tested resources, along with individualized tools for specific communities (LGBTQ, interfaith, and more)!

Learning Resources

Learning Resources Shared by Fellow TriBE Leaders