Day 5: Courage

Be Strong & Courageous

Texts on Courage

Be strong and of good courage. Don’t quake or fear for I, your God, am with you. (Joshua 1:9)

“Why do you boast yourself of evil, mighty fellow?” (Psalms 52:3). David asked Doeg: “Is this really might, for one who sees another at the edge of a pit to push the other into it? Or, seeing someone on top of a roof, to push the person off? Is this might? When can someone truly be called a ‘mighty person’? When there’s an individual who is about to fall into a pit, and that someone seizes the individual’s hand so that he/she does not fall in. Or, when that someone sees another fallen into a pit and lifts the other out of it.” (Midrash Tehilim 52:6)

Daily Candle Lighting

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Blessed are You, Adonai, wellspring of our courage and fortitude.

Questions to Consider:

  • Who have you seen be courageous this year? What did that look like?

  • What actions in your life require the most courage? How have you developed the courage to take those actions?




What fears are holding you back? What gives you courage in the most important moments? How might you find more opportunities to act from courage rather than fear in the coming year?

Invest in Courage

Identify one small courageous act – and then take that action!

Family Activities


The Hebrew term usually translated as courage is ometz lev, which means “heart-strength.” The Religious School students have been talking about ometz lev as a way of harnessing your inner strength when you are experiencing big feelings. For example, having ometz lev does not mean that you cannot be afraid, but then when you are afraid, you find ways to move forward.

Face Your Fears

Have a family discussion about something that your children have fears about. Brainstorm some creative ways you can help them develop courage around it.

Courage Jar

Make a family courage jar that anyone can use when they need a little encouragement.

Learn the Value of Courage

The Sparks share a lesson about Ometz Lev – courage of the heart – in this cartoon from BimBam.

Read a Book

Read one of these books about courage. If you don’t already own one, maybe get one for Chanukah!