Day 6: Creativity

Get Inspired & Start Creating

Texts on Creativity

The single bottle of oil symbolized the last irreducible minimum of spiritual light and creativity within the Jewish people – still there, even in its worst moments of apathy and idolatry. The ability of that single jar of oil to stay lit for eight days symbolized how with God’s help that tiny amount could unfold into an infinite supply of spiritual riches. (Arthur Waskow, Seasons of Our Joy, as quoted in A Different Light)


For it was taught: “This is my God, and I will ‘adorn’ God (Exodus 15:2): Adorn yourself before God in commandments: make a beautiful sukkah in God’s honor, a beautiful lulav, a beautiful shofar, beautiful fringes, and a beautiful Torah scroll, and write it for God with fine ink, a fine reed, and a skilled penman, and wrap it with beautiful silks. (Shabbat 133b:5, Soncino translation. Edited for gender neutrality and modernity)

Daily Candle Lighting

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Blessed are You, Adonai, Source of inspiration and our Partner in creation.

Questions to Consider:

  • When have you experienced infinite possibilities within something seemingly small?

  • What is one creative thing you have done this year? What makes that thing stand out?

  • What is one beautiful memory you have from this year? What made it beautiful?


Individual Activities


When have you felt most creative in your life? As a parent? A professional? What hobbies help you connect to a sense of creativity? How does creative expression make you feel? How is this connected to your sense of Jewish identity?

God's Art

Take time today to create something special for Chanukah: art, music, food, writing, crafting, even just a few moments to write a short poem.

Where is God in art? Take a virtual tour of a museum, such as the National Gallery.

God's Music

Where is God in music? What music makes you feel most connected to God and your sense of spirituality? Take time today to listen to the music that lifts your soul.

Family Activities

Make Dreidels…Lots of Dreidels…

We asked you to be creative making chanukiyot, and the winner will be announced on this night of Chanukah. Why not continue the creativity and make some dreidels? As long as they spin, you can make them out of anything. And in case you don’t remember how to play, we will start off with the directions.

Spin the Dreidel
Make it at Home
Dreidel You Can Eat
The Lego Dreidel