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The Reviews Are In…

  • “Thank you for providing us with a wonderful way to begin the New Year with joyous and thoughtful prayer!… Although, like most, we missed coming together physically, with all of the small talk, hugs, and community feel, [Temple Beth El] did an excellent job in creating a ‘next best’ option to tide us over into better times.”
  • “I never expected the High Holy Day Services to be so good without being in the Temple itself, but, somehow, I was able to focus on every word that was spoken and take it all in without any distractions. Thank you for a beautiful, meaningful presentation!”
  • “Thank you for your beautiful Holiday Services. They were a source of comfort in these most difficult times.”

Why do we need new technology?

Throughout COVID, we have learned the value of being able to stream services with close-up angles and changes between cameras, providing multiple viewpoints, keeping the audience engaged and making the experience feel more immersive. We need to continue offering the same high-quality experience offered during the High Holy Days, year-round.

Our Need

  • New cameras mounted around the sanctuary or on a tripod ($35,000)
  • Software updates for our sound system ($19,000)
  • New projectors for services ($40,000)
  • A/V support during services to handle this new equipment ($12,000/year)

Details on new technology

  • New cameras will allow for multiple angles and closer shots of our clergy and guests on the bimah, providing a more immersive, meaningful experience for viewers than streaming from our crow’s nest above the sanctuary.
  • The sound system upgrade and projectors are periodic expenses we are due for now, which are especially important as we stream from the sanctuary with the new video equipment.
    The ability to switch angles and make use of the cameras to their fullest extent requires more technological knowledge than our staff can manage on our own (at least for now), so we intend to hire contractors to help us with services regularly, but at a much lower expense than the High Holy Days production.
  • These investments will help us throughout this COVID time and well into the future, building on our existing streaming capacity and giving us the ability to reach our congregants wherever they are. It is our intent to grow our endowment as well, ensuring that in the future, technology updates like this do not need to impact our current year’s budget. We have learned a lot in the past few months and these investments are necessary in the very short term as a response to our current reality.

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For more information, please contact Eden Gobuty, Director of Development and Member Services, at 704-749-3068.

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Message from Ben Benson, Board President

Please watch or this message of gratitude and learn more about our technology needs.

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