Community Relations

Temple Beth El takes pride in its active role in the Charlotte interfaith and broader community.  Our Temple actively partners with MeckMIN (Mecklenburg Metropolitan Interfaith Network) and we are in the 23rd year of our annual Comparative Religion series. Temple Beth El’s clergy connect and collaborate regularly with clergy colleagues across the state, both Jewish and interfaith.


We live in a world where loved ones suffer, where kids struggle, where pandemics come, where hate spreads, where political differences divide, and where not everyone can move to higher ground when life’s storms come. Religious traditions must reckon with the reality of this world. We invite you to learn about how Charlotte’s Multi-Faith Communities understand individual and communal healing. The interactive evenings will include rich discussions from a diverse group of faith leaders with opportunities for Q&A.

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The Ted and M.E. Hessberg Endowment helps to support community outreach programs. Donations may be made to these funds by making checks payable to: Temple Beth El -Ted and M.E. Hessberg Endowment. Thank you.


If you are interested in visiting Temple Beth El for a tour of the building or to join us for worship, please contact the main office: 704-366-1948.


In support of the LGBTQ community, we have passed a resolution regarding House Bill 2 (See Temple Beth El Resolution HB2).


In 2007 Temple Beth El not only formally acknowledged that abuse does happen in the Jewish community, but resolved to address it by becoming a “safe haven” – a community that promotes safety, justice and healing; and by working to end it through education and awareness (see Resolution on Domestic Abuse).