Contributions for December 2019


THANK YOU for honoring and memorializing your family and friends by donating to Temple Beth El!  Contributions to funds are considered income to the Temple and are used on an as needed or annual basis for the purposes set forth in the creation of the fund.   MAKE A CONTRIBUTION

Angel Fund
Provides funds through the Social Action Committee to help mothers provide basic needs for their children

Peggy & Joe Grifenhagen Older Adult Services Fund
Provides for older adult services
In honor of:
Lee & Alan Blumenthal
—Bill & Gloria Grifenhagen
In memory of:
Mollie Roseman
—Rose Atkinson

Robyn Farber Leadership Development Fund
Provides for training and motivating future leaders of our Temple

Rabbi Judith Schindler Social Justice & Action Fund
Provides for Social Justice & Action program
For Freedom School
In memory of:
Susan Cernyak-Spatz
William Monroe Knott III
—Amy Lefkof

Roz Greenspon & Marty Birnbaum Adult & Family Engagement Fund
To create relationships and engage adults and families through Jewish Living Groups

Sacred Study Fund
Provides support for Jewish study programs and events for adults

Cojac-Mintz Summer Camp Fund
Provides scholarship assistance for youth attending Reform Jewish summer camps
In memory of:
Carl Scheer
—Jon & Laura Levinson

Estelle Gold Children’s Fund
Provides for miscellaneous needs of Temple youth programs
In honor of:
Dawn Gold’s Birthday
—Fred & Joy Miller

Scott Katowitz Youth Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships for NFTY activities and URJ camps

Steven Gainsboro Teen Educator Fund
Provides support to teens that educate and mentor younger students through the Religious School Madrichim Program, the B’nei Mitzvah Peer Tutoring program and other involvement where teens supervise, teach and engage with younger students.
In memory of:
Anthony & Carol Anne DiPesa
—Robert & Christine Ecker

Cantor Andrew Bernard Youth Engagement Fund
Provides for youth programs, activities and events

Roz Greenspon & Marty Birnbaum Young Families & Young Adults Fund
Provides funds for programs for Young Families & Young Adults

Elizabeth Goodman Klein Religious School Fund
Provides for teacher training and Religious School programs

Confirmation Class Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships for the Confirmation Class trips and programming

Interfaith & Outreach Fund
Provides for programs for interfaith families and education for individuals on the path to conversion

Judy Perlin Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to Religious School; administered by the Sisterhood

Teddi Segal Jewish Identity Education Fund
Provides funding for the Jewish education Component of our Jewish Living Groups – groups that are formed around a common affinity, special interest or demographic likenesses to bring congregants together.

Alan Shuart Sound Fund
Provides for upgrades to the sanctuary sound system for worship and events
In memory of:
Gertrude Gilbert
Michael Herman Gilbert
Alan Shuart
Mortimer Shuart
Sarah Shuart
Bruce Jacobowitz
– -Susan Shuart

Locke Family Conversion Fund
Provides funding for Temple Beth El programs and services for non Jews wishing to become Jewish

Norman Steinberger Yizkor Fund
Provides for the publication of Yizkor memorial books and maintenance of the Memorial Boards

Pepper Music Fund
Provides for Temple music programs and the Temple Beth El Choir
In memory of:
Patricia Gaines Johnson
—Fred & Katie Valfer











Resnik-Gold Prayerbook Fund
Provides for the purchase of prayerbooks for Temple Beth El

Ritual Fund
Provides for the purchase and maintenance of ritual objects

Robert and Audrey Ezarsky Fund
Provides for worship and other services provided to Temple Beth El members

Solomon Schwartz Torah Fund
Provides for repair of Temple Torahs

Susan Kramer Healing Fund
Provides materials for healing and spirituality

Building Fund
Provides for general building improvements

Dzidra Hombs Beautifications Fund
Provides funds for beautification of the gardens at Temple Beth El

General Fund
Provides funds to supplement Temple operating expenses
A donation by:
—Jeffrey Lurie
In honor of:
Dale & Larry Polsky
Evan & Kim Wilkoff
—David & Karen Rosenthal
In memory of:

William Monroe Knott III
—Stuart & Jodi Cohen
Carl Scheer
—Brian & Meredith Siegel
Steven Festinger
Robert Sosnik
—James & Lynda White
Emma Quinn
—Richard & Paula Klein
Walter Marx
—Michael & Robin Stier
Florence Lieberman
—Michael Lieberman

Temple Beth El Art Fund
Provides funds for the purchase of art for the Temple

Birkat Shalom
Provides direct donations to our sister congregation Birkat Shalom in Israel

High Holy Day
Provides for High Holy Day needs

Provides for GLBT programs and activities

Provides funds for SPICE programs and events

Tot Shabbat
Provides funds for programs for young children

The rabbis and cantors act as agents of the synagogue in disbursing funds from their discretionary funds for a variety of causes.  Donations may be made to the general Clergy Good Works Fund or to specific clergy good works funds.

Clergy Discretionary Fund

Provides scholarship, Tzedakah contributions, direct assistance, books, materials and Temple programs
In appreciation of:
Rabbi Knight
Rabbi Klass
Cantor Thomas
—Jacob Schwartz
—Marsi & Jeffrey Schwartz
—Jill Blumenthal
—The Fishman Family
Rabbi Judy Schindler
—The Fishman Family
—Tom Hunt
In honor of:
Dale & Larry Polsky
—David & Stephanie Gitlin
—Jeffrey & Frances Lyons
Ben & Tiz Benson
—Carolyn Hart
In memory of:
Bill Sharon
Fay Sharon

Min Garcia
David Horowitz
Lottie Horowitz
Anita Loeffler
—Steve & Maxine Horowitz
Sonia Sperber

—David Sperber
Carl Scheer
—Helene Levine
—Watkins, Bradshaw Gordon & Clinkscales, LLC
Susan Cernyak-Spatz
—The Fishman Family
Emma Reese Quinn
Walter Klein

—Robert & Moira Quinn Klein
Isaac Chipps
Pauline Teich

—Steven Teich & Esther Chipps
Milton & Marlene Ecker
Martha Wagner
—Robert & Christine Ecker
The Executive Director acts as an agent of the synagogue in disbursing funds from this discretionary funds for unanticipated Temple needs.

Executive Director’s Discretionary Fund
Provides for unanticipated Temple needs

Contributions to Crisis Assistance Ministry Fund and Mazon are sent directly to these agencies on behalf of Temple Beth El

Crisis Assistance Ministries Fund
Provides direct donation to Crisis Assistance Ministry













Mazon: A Jewish Response To Hunger
Provides direct donations to Mazon by Temple Beth El
A donation by:
—Barry & Karen Greenblatt

ENDOWMENTS – Building For Our Future
The income generated from the Endowments shall be considered as income of the Temple and shall be spent or accumulated as determined by the Temple’s Endowment Committee

From Strength to Strength

Anita & Herman Blumenthal Endowment
Provides funds to support the mission of Temple Beth El

Temple Beth El Principal Endowment
Provides money for ongoing financial security of Temple Beth El
In memory of:
Bennett Lyons
Carl Scheer
—Alan & Lee Blumenthal
Susan Cernyak-Spatz
—Barry & Karen Greenblatt

Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Temple Beth El Continuity Endowment
Provides funds to support the mission of Temple Beth El

Brotherhood Endowment
Provides funding for Temple Beth El programs

Cynthia and David Crane Endowment

Fay & Dan Green
Provides support to the mission of Temple Beth El

Leon Levine Foundation/Leon & Sandra Levine Endowment
Provides funds to support the mission of Temple Beth El

Sam & Emily Zimmern Endowment
Provides funds to support the mission of Temple Beth El

Sam & Raenea Siegel Endowment
Provides funds for general purpose use


David Cohen Family Social Justice & Action Endowment
Provides funding to support and implement social justice and action programs

David Silverman Youth Activities Endowment
Provides for youth programming
In honor of:
Lanie Hitt
Talia Hitt
—Steve & Maxine Horowitz

Donna S. & Norman Levin and Ross Levin Family Endowment for Education
Provides for educational programs

Family Experience Endowment
Provides financial support to family experiential retreats, programs & events

Fred & Vi Winton High Holy Day Music Endowment
Provides music for the High Holy Days

Jennifer Andrea Hunt Special Needs Endowment
Provides funds to Temple Beth El, which will be used to provide support for those students with special needs and priority given to those going through the B’nei Mitzvah program

Joe & Carol Voynow Building Maintenance Endowment
Provides for capital improvements to the building

Lash Family Teen Travel Endowment
Provides annual support to assist TBE teens with travel expenses to participate in Jewish experiences

Madrichim Endowment
Provides general financial support of Temple Beth El’s Madrichim program

Marian Segal Bennett Musical Arts Endowment
Provides for special programs of Jewish Music

Marshall W. Lindner Endowment
Supports the mission and activities of S.P.I.C.E. (senior programming)

Michelle Miller Jewish Commitment Endowment
Provides the Michelle Miller Award for Jewish Commitment of a Confirmation Student

S.A. Schloss Special Book Endowment
Provides Torah commentaries for the Sanctuary

Sadie W. Levin Scholar-in-Residence Endowment
Provides for Scholar-in-Residence speakers and adult education

Sisterhood Children’s Endowment
Funds generated from this endowment fund will be used to aid and provide scholarship for temple-sponsored children’s programs

Sonny Melasky Nursery Endowment

Provides babysitting service and nursery improvements

Ted & M.E. Hessberg Endowment for Community Outreach Programs
Provides funds to support temple programs

Temple Beth El Clergy Endowment
Provides unrestricted annual support of the salaries of Temple Beth El clergy