Sterling Elementary School Partnership: Contributions and Volunteering Update

First of all, a Big Thank You to:

  • Kim Wilkoff and Frances and Ron Liss for coming into Sterling at less than 48 hours notice to sort papers and stuff a good portion of the parent envelopes!
  • TBE Tzedek for sponsoring the teachers’ lunch. The boxes deli lunches from Jason’s Deli were really nice with good discounts and excellent ordering service!

Next, is information on continuing the rewarding and important Volunteering activities.  Elsa has told me the direct in-school volunteers will be welcomed in a few weeks. Please contact me, Ruth, for this. Elsa will then work within SES to coordinate things.

I am also very interested in hearing from you, TBE congregants, who have students at Sterling – to learn more about the school from your perspective and its potential needs. Thank you in advance.

As you likely know, Heart Math, HELPS and ALP are the three tutoring services accepted by CMS for virtual tutoring. They work closely together, as well as with Read Charlotte and CMS itself. They have a mix of in school and virtual opportunities this school year. It is rewarding work – the students all love the one-on-one interaction, the activities and exercises, and the encouragement and training they get.

And here is a photo of one of our TBE volunteers, Gary Starr, ready to tutor his Heart Math Student in 2019. Not at Sterling School that year; This year Gary is volunteering as a Heart Math Tutor at SES. Thank you to Gary for past, present, and future, as well as to all other volunteers in these organizations.

Since the three organizations have a mix of in school and virtual, and many of you probably have connections to other schools than Sterling, Liz Wahls will continue the separate info in this newsletter for Heart Math and add brief introductions to HELPS and ALP.

I look forward to hearing from you on any of these topics,  questions, information, contributions: Ruth Pordes 630-788-7763

Augustine Literacy Project (ALP)

The Augustine Literacy Project provides, and is recruiting, literacy tutors for the 2021-22 academic year. There is 5 days of initial training and ongoing support. No experience or previous training is necessary.  Tutors commit to working two times weekly with a student for a total of 60 sessions usually over the course of more than a year. There is a fee for training, with scholarships available.  For more information about how you can become an ALP Tutor, email Andrea Howell.

TBE contact: Ruth Pordes 630-788-7763

Helping Early Literacy With Practice Strategies (HELPS)

The Virtual HELPS Literacy Program is an evidence-based, research-validated literacy intervention to build students’ fluency and comprehension reading skills. HELPS will be serving students virtually this coming school year. Tutors receive a few hours virtual training. Tutors are asked to sign up for 1 hour per week, with students having several such sessions a week. This tutoring has been shown to be really effective and help transform  students’ lives !

To learn more about how to become a HELPS Tutor, please contact Tutor Operations Manager, Emily Hall or visit the website to sign up for a New Tutor Training.

TBE contact: Ruth Pordes 630-788-7763