High Holy Days

High Holy Days are a time for our entire congregation to come together in contemplation and celebration. The rich liturgy, soaring music, and inspiring sermons help congregants to reflect on the year gone by, and strengthen the spirit for the year to come. We pray as one congregation in the evenings. Our morning services give congregants choices of a Families with Young Children Service, a Families with School-age Children Service and a Morning Service designed for adults and older children. Our Yom Kippur afternoon service is the highlight of our liturgical year, beginning with Yizkor, moving through healing — for the mourners, for the soul, for the body, for the community, and for the world — to the ultimate healing that is N’ila, the concluding service. Featuring the traditional Torah and Haftarah readings, and d’rashes from each of the clergy, the day concludes in exuberant camaraderie. Note that Temple Beth El observes one day of Rosh HaShanah.

Festival Services

Temple Beth El observes Festival morning services on the first and seventh days of Pesach, on Shavuot, on Sukkot and on Sh’mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah with an intimate Chapel service that includes the traditional liturgy, music and biblical readings, moments of teaching, and the chanting of Hallel. Yizkor is recited on the last day of each Festival according to the custom in Israel and the Reform community in the United States.

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Minor Holidays

Celebrations occur both at Temple Beth El and in the wider Jewish community on Chanukah, Tu BiSh’vat, Purim, and Tishah B’Av. Our Shabbat Chanukah service and our Purim family shpiel are much-anticipated highlights of our holidays.