Bnei Mitzvah Archive

August 2015

Joshua Mellone

Parashat R'eh
Saturday, August 15

I wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah. I think it is cool to say the prayers in front of everyone and to learn the Torah so I can read it in front of the Temple. I was also looking forward to the party (probably even more than leading the service). I have learned a lot of Torah. My aliyahs (each Torah reading) are REALLY long. I am proud of being Jewish. It makes me different from all of the other kids. It sets me apart. After my Bar Mitzvah, I hope to continue on as a Bar Mitzvah tutor helping others to learn. I want to keep on saying prayers for the holidays and going to services.

For my mitzvah project I helped with Loaves and Fishes. People and organizations donate food to Loaves and Fishes. In turn, Loaves and Fishes hands out food to people in need. I helped by organizing food onto shelves to facilitate handing it out. I then collected some of the food, put them in bags, and brought them out to the families’ cars. I felt proud to help out these families. They were very grateful and their stories were very sad. I fulfilled the mitzvah of feeding the hungry.

Josh is the son of Melanie and Greg. He is the sibling of Ella.
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Rayna Weiss

Parashat R'eh
Saturday, August 15

I am having a Bat Mitzvah because I was wanted to have the celebration. There are parts of the learning that I have enjoyed. I love chanting the V’ahavta, singing the Yismechu, and I like coming to services. My grandfather, my grandmother, my uncles and cousins all became B’nei Mitzvah. Now it’s my turn! During Sheva, I learned how to write in Hebrew and sound out the letters. I learned how to chant, I learned a lot of prayers, and I learned about Jewish history. I am proud to be Jewish. I plan to go to Hebrew High, to be a madricha in Religious School, and be confirmed. I want to do everything that there is to do to be fully Jewish.

For my mitzvah project I worked at the YMCA in daycare with the little kids. I cut out shapes so that they could make boats. I drew fish. I enjoyed being helpful to smaller kids. I fulfilled the mitzvah of teaching children.

Rayna is the daughter of Nina and Gerald. She is the granddaughter of Gail and Peter Rubenstein of Charlotte, NC. She is the sibling of Caitlyn, Megan, and Hannah.

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Rachael Loss

Parashat Eikev
Saturday, August 8

I am becoming a Bat Mitzvah because it is Jewish Tradition. I have been going to Hebrew school since I was in the 2nd grade, but it wasn’t until I moved to Charlotte about a year and a half ago that I really learned Hebrew. I have been preparing for this day ever since, and now I can even read from the Torah to boot! Now that I am a Jewish adult, I plan to attend Hebrew High.

For my Mitzvah Project I was fortunate to help out with the organization called Bright Blessings. I spent time preparing birthday goody bags, blankets/toiletry kits, and literacy items for underprivileged and homeless children to help them celebrate their birthday that they otherwise would not have been able to. I feel very fortunate to be able to be a part or such a wonderful experience. Helping out at Bright Blessings allowed me to fulfill the mitzah of helping those in need.

Rachael is the daughter of Becca and Bill Loss, sister of Lauren (age 10). She is the Granddaughter of Wendy and Arnold Rosenthal of Boynton Beach, Florida, and Linda and Bill Loss of Niagara Falls, New York.
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