Legacy Society

In 2013, Temple Beth El became one of 10 agencies in the Charlotte Jewish community to participate in the Create Your Jewish Legacy (CJL) program. The goal of this program is to build a strong Temple Beth El now and in the future through bequests. Our vision is to broaden and endow programming and services, stabilize our financial position, and provide adequate staffing and space for worship, meetings and study.

Our goal is that Temple Beth El continues to be a vital center of spiritual and religious life for thousands of Reform Jews living in the region for years to come. All of us, regardless of age, wealth or affiliation, have the ability to make a difference for future Jewish generations. For more information on how you can make a difference, contact

Making charitable gifts is integral part of who we are as Jews. For more information or to create a named fund, contact Jonathan Friedman, Chief Operating Officer, at 704-366-1948.

Legacy Society

Current as of August, 2023

Anonymous (5)
Janet S. Abel
Bette Andrews
Judy and Stan August
Gail and John Baron
Sharri and Peter Benjamin
Benjamin and Elizabeth Benson
Adam Bernstein and Tammy Seigel
Andrew Bernstein
Mark (OBM) and Louise (OBM) Bernstein
Bobbi and Don Bernstein
Susan P. Bessey
Lee and Jeffrey Bierer
Martin Birnbaum
Peter Blair
Jill Blumenthal
Philip Blumenthal
Lee and Alan Blumenthal
Gary and Susan Bogarad
Marian (OBM) and Walter Brawer
Barry H. Brodsky
Sera and Marvin Callif
Susan E. Cernyak-Spatz (OBM)
Bruce Bishop Cheen and Regina Rosenberg
Judith and Richard (OBM) Coates
David Cohen
Paige and Mark Cohen
Denise (OBM) and Bob Cooper
Andrea and George Cronson
Marcy and Fred Dumas
Barry and Mary Ellen Ezarsky
Larry Farber
Henry (OBM) and Margaret (OBM) Federlin
Dorlisa and Peter Flur
Charlie and Caren Gale
Jena Gartner
Y’honatan E. Gimbel
Rick Glaser and Ellen Reich
Nancy Glass
Allen Gordon (OBM)
Alan and Merle Gottheim
Fay (OBM) and Dan (OBM) Green
Karen Greenblatt
Roslyn Greenspon
Keith E. Greenspon
Bill and Gloria Grifenhagen
Clay Grubb
Deidre Grubb
Ted (OBM) and M.E. Hessberg
Vicki Hopkins
Christy and Andy Horwitz
Jake and Betsy House
Jonathan M. Howard
Donald L. and Susan Sachs Jacobs
David Jacobson
Alyson Kalik
Morton and Mary Kaplan
Andrew Karp (OBM)
Barbara and Alan Katz
Kenneth & Kimberly Katz and Family
Joan Kirschner
Robert P. and Moira Quinn Klein
Lorrie and Barry Klemons and Family
Anita Strauss-LaRowe and Bruce LaRowe
Jack (OBM) and Carole Lash
David A. Lash
Gladys (OBM) Lavitan
Janet and David Lefkowitz
Eric and Susan Lerner
Harry and Gloria Lerner
Donna (OBM) and Norman Levin and Family
Ross C. Levin
Leon (OBM) and Sandra Levine
Gary and Janie Levinson
Holly and Hal Levinson

Jack and Alison Levinson
Sam and Linda Levy
Laura and Marc Lewin
Wilson (OBM) and Margaret (OBM) Lewith
Robert (OBM) and Inta Lidz
Andrew and Gwendolyn Lindner
Marshall (OBM) and Faylinda Lindner
Jill and Marc Lipson
Don and Ellice Liss
Ron and Frances Liss
Annie and Harrison Lord
Linda McLendon
Michael (OBM) Meiselman
Elise Menaker
Fred and Joy Ann Miller
Staci and Darren Mond
Elsa and Martin Multer
Paula Sigal Musler
Bruce and Candace Naliboff
Elizabeth and Jeremy Naman
Edwin and Jill Newman
Larry and Carole Nicholson
Michael and Judith Norman
Eva Nove
Gwen and Paul Orland
Richard Osborne
Cyndee Patterson
Harriet and Mark Perlin
Diggie and Lee Pesakoff
Stephen and Laura Philipson
Milton and Gene Ruth Poler
Larry and Dale Polsky
Steven and Melissa Raphael
Tonda and Mitchell Rifkin
Wendy (OBM) and Sandy Rose
Estelle and Murray (OBM) Rosen
Leon Rutman
Neil (OBM) and Caren Sacks
Neil (OBM) and Carol Sandler
Renee and Philip Schreibman
Sara and Mike (OBM) Schreibman
Chris & Jon Schuller
Howard and Andrea Seidler
Amy Jill Seitlin
Daisy Shapiro-Rieke and Julie Irma Shapiro
Allen Sherman and Suzy Savod
Raenea Siegel
Marc and Mattye Silverman
Louis A. Sinkoe and H. Kevin Levine
Anne and Mike Sinsheimer
Harry and Laurie Sparks
Sophie Spolender (OBM)
Gary and Stephanie Starr
Robert and Maxine Stein
Norman Steinberger (OBM)
Liam G. Stokes and Betsy Rosen
Emery and Jacqueline Szabo
Beverly Tirsun
Patty Torcellini
Fred and Katie Valfer
Amy and Mark Vitner
Liz Wahls
Janice and Ronald Weiner
Alexander and Gloria Weinstein
Mort Wise
Robert and Sandra Wolf
Kim (OBM) and Sue Worrel
Michael and Nancy Yaffe
Robert (OBM) and Anne Yudell
Herman and Barbara Ziegler
Emily and Samuel Zimmern
William and Angela Zimmern