Celebrate Passover with TBE!

Monday, April 22 - Tuesday, April 30

Join us as we celebrate Passover 2024. We invite you to reflect on the blessings of family and community and reflect on the meaning of Passover at our special holiday events. See our event schedule below, as well as a variety of Passover resources our clergy has compiled to help you and your family celebrate.

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Passover Events

Celebrate with your fellow congregants by joining us at one, a few, or all of our special Passover events!

Monday, April 29 at 10:30am | Temple Beth El and Livestream

Join us for the concluding festival service, which will include the singing of Hallel (psalms of praise) and Yizkor (our memorial service).

Monday, April 29 at 7:00pm | Brixx Wood Fired Pizza + Craft Bar - Dilworth

Ready to put the matzah behind you for another year? Come celebrate the end of Passover with TBE Jam over – you guessed it – pizza. Apps on us!

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Discovered Traditions

New Passover items are arriving daily! We’ve got everything you need to set a beautiful Seder table and keep the whole family entertained! Check out our collection of seder and matzah Plates, Elijah and Miriam Cups, kitchen and tea towels, greeting cards, kid’s toys, books, crafts and games, a lotta’ Haggadahs and an alarming number of frogs. You’ll also find the perfect gift! Hurry in for the best selection!
Through the Narrows

An enchanting tale of a 6-year old Cherokee boy and a 3500-year old Jewish woman on a journey towards hope.

7 Charoset Recipes

Give Passover an International flare with seven classic and modern charoset recipes for your seder plate! We doubt you’ll be able to wait!

Mimouna Recipes

Mimouna Recipes For The Post-Passover Moroccan-Jewish Festival

4 Questions for Passover

As the instructions say, “Make the millennial who doesn’t remember Rugrats ask them.”

Kids Activities

Whatcha Gonna Grab?

Supplies: One paper or plastic bag per person, a way to keep time
Moses is getting ready to lead the Jews out of Egypt! What are you going to grab to take with you? Set the timer (5 minutes) and tell players they need to grab what they think is most important to take with them. No limit on the number of items, as long as they fit in the bag! After the timer “dings!” spend time sharing what everyone chose and why.

Overnight in the Desert

Supplies: Sheets, blankets, pillows, beads, cooking pots, etc.
Everyone has escaped with Moses but it’s now time to rest for the night. Using the supplies you’ve provided, as well as other items they find around the house, work together to create a sukkah – a temporary shelter. Optional: Dress up in Egyptian clothing (a towel around one’s waist) or desert garb (robe, along with a towel placed on one’s head). Offer a matzah snack. Leave up the desert home for a bit so your child can play!

Pesach Scavenger Hunt

Supplies: Offer a page of clues-of-items to find around the house
At the seder, we are supposed to recline in the spirit of free people. What would make your reclining more comfortable? Karpas are green vegetables that remind us of springtime. Find one thing we could eat as karpas. We eat unleavened bread on Pesah . Find a box of “unleavened bread” (do not open it!) List five complaints you think the Jews would have moaned about in the desert.