TriBEs (Small Groups)

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By playing, praying, learning, and acting together, TriBEs help our congregants create sacred bonds.

Led by dedicated lay leaders, TriBEs are small groups tailored to fit the interests, needs and unique rhythm of its members. Whether it’s through shared interests, common geographies, demographics, professional ties, or a desire to explore topics that resonate deeply with your life, your TriBE is a unique blend of voices and perspectives. And with an enriching curriculum provided by Temple Beth El, every meeting is a step toward meaningful conversations and learning.

Come be a part of TriBEs and experience the warmth and richness of our Temple Beth El community. It’s not just about joining a group; it’s about becoming part of a family that grows, learns, and celebrates together.

What are TriBEs?

A TriBE is more than just a group. In a TriBE, each member is valued and cherished. Imagine a place where playing, praying, learning, and acting together connect – TriBEs help us create sacred bonds.

These gatherings offer spaces to learn, laugh, find solace, and create stronger connections with one another, with Temple Beth El, and with our greater community.

TriBEs aim to foster committed membership through small groups that:

  • Focus on the lives and concerns of our members
  • Are organized around shared interests, life stages, and geographical locations
  • Celebrate Jewish experiences, learning, and traditions
  • Are self-led by committed lay leaders working in a group dynamic

Join a TriBE

TriBEs are defined by their members’ commitment to engage in a process of transformational learning, reflection, and relationship building. Are you looking forward to creating deeper connections with fellow congregants who share your interests, life experiences, and passions? We can help you find your TriBE!

Lead a TriBE

If you would like to lead a TriBE, we have training, workshops, and ongoing coach support to help guide you. Being a TriBE leader does not require any specialized knowledge of Jewish text or tradition. We will provide easy-to-follow materials to guide your discussions. You will never be alone in this process.

Questions? Contact Nicole Sidman, Director of Congregational Life.

TriBE Leader Resources

Leader Materials

Explore content curated exclusively for TriBE leaders.

Ask Big Questions

Looking for a question that will get a conversation going?

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to TriBEs. The ideal size depends on the goals and needs of a TriBE. Most average between 8-12. This size fosters deep connections and robust discussions between members in which everyone’s voice can be heard. If you have a few people who are interested in doing this together, but would like to have a larger TriBE, you can form an open group with a set number of available spots.

Aside from communal experiences in which all TriBEs come together at Temple, your TriBE will meet in members’ homes, offices, or any other comfortable space outside of the synagogue. Each TriBE will determine their schedule as a group. We recommend picking the same day and time, but we leave those details to the group.

Our intent is that this will serve to deepen connections between our members, and with the broader congregation. Therefore, in order to participate, you must be a member of Temple Beth El.

Your experience will be determined by your commitment. What you put in will impact what you get out of this. We strongly encourage you to fully commit to your TriBE. If you are unable to make one or two of the dates, we recommend that you sign up, and let your group know that you will be unable to attend those dates in advance.

These are lay-led groups, which means that there will not be a staff member present at your meetings. There are opportunities to invite clergy or staff to lead a discussion.

For more information, please contact Nicole Sidman, Director of Congregational Life at 704-366-1948.