Recent Lifecycle Events

We are extended family at Temple Beth El and like any family, we want to share your major milestone events. Our clergy is here to assist with every stage of life, from beginning to end. We mark these occasions with Jewish ceremonies that address these important lifecycle events.

Like any close family, we want to share major milestones events. Our clergy are here to assist with every stage of life, marking these occasions with Jewish ceremonies and important lifecycle events.

There are many ways to honor, acknowledge, celebrate, and memorialize family and friends.

Contact Tracey Lederer, Lead Administrative Assistant or call 704-749-3068 for more information on how to purchase name plates for:

  • Prayer books and Sanctuary Seats
  • Yahrzeit Memorial Board
  • Brotherhood Star of Life Board

Community Lifecycle

Baby Naming, Brit Milah, and Brit Bat ceremonies are available to Temple Beth Members and unafilliated as ways to welcome children into the Jewish people. Temple Beth El celebrations honor our Jewish traditions and families, and bring the joy of beginnings to all who participate. TBE celebrates families of all sorts and includes parents from different heritages, same-sex parents, adopted kids – your family is our family. TBE clergy will help you to create a meaningful ceremony either public or private at home or at TBE. For information about baby namings or Brit Milah ceremonies at TBE, please contact Tracey Lederer, Lead Administrative Assistant.

Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Temple Beth El is an exciting and meaningful opportunity for the entire family. Students prepare to lead the Shabbat Morning service, chant or read Torah and Haftarah and offer words of teaching about their readings and the prayer service with our cantors, rabbis, and Teen Madrichim. B’nei Mitzvah dates are typically assigned in the late winter and early spring to our 5th graders and older 4th graders. Dates are regularly given to new families. For more information on becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Temple Beth El contact Rebecca Levy, B’nei Mitzvah Administrator & Worship Assistant.

Torah Blessing (Before)

Torah Blessing (After)

On Simchat Torah, we welcome our new kindergarten and first grade students into Religious School and celebrate the beginnings of their formal Jewish education at the opening of our festival service. To learn about the beginning of children’s Religious School experience, please contact Rabbi Beth Nichols, Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning.

In Tenth Grade at the Hebrew High our students share an intense and elevated year of learning with TBE clergy that solidifies their connections to Judaism, the TBE community and each other. The year includes:

  • A special trip together over a long weekend focusing on Jewish communal life.
  • The creation and leading of a Shabbat Evening Service.

Temple Beth El warmly welcomes and encourages all who are interested to learn about and explore Judaism. Through our Elements of Judaism class, Choosing Judaism course, one-on-one discussions with our clergy, and participation in congregational prayer and learning opportunities, we make becoming Jewish a meaningful, spiritual, and communal experience. For information about conversion at TBE, please contact Kym Kaplan, Administrative Assistant of Lifelong Learning.

Temple Beth El clergy and staff provide support and care for end-of-life issues. We help our families with the Jewish priorities of caring and comforting for those near the end of life, honoring our dearly departed loved ones and helping mourners commemorate our losses and cope in their wake. TBE maintains a volunteer pool to support Chevrah Kadisha, the holy society that provides traditional Jewish preparation for burial, and works closely with local funeral homes and Charlotte’s Hebrew Cemetery. For information about funerals at TBE and memorial opportunites, please contact Tracey Lederer, Lead Administrative Assistant.

Temple Beth El’s entire community family is dedicated to caring compassionately for every one of our members as we struggle through health issues and support family members who struggle, too. Initiatives through our “Hineynu: We are Here” group help people honor various milestones in their lives, organize mealtrains for those in the midst of challenge, and connect senior members of our community together for social engagement. Our clergy team regularly connects with those in healing and we hold a quarterly service devoted to healing and comfort, all which reflect our devotion to the care and support of every TBE family member.

For information about our Caring Committee, please contact Tracey Lederer, Lead Administrative Assistant.

Temple Beth El’s clergy and staff celebrate our married couples at every age and stage of life. From Milestone anniversary blessings at a Shabbat Evening Service to discussions about partnering and parenting with clergy and staff, our synagogue family supports your family. For information about how we can support you, or to schedule a milestone blessing, please contact Tracey Lederer, Lead Administrative Assistant.

Temple Beth El helps couples celebrate their weddings in authentically Jewish, joyous, warm and welcoming ways all year long. In our premier synagogue facility and at locations around Charlotte, TBE clergy and staff will partner with you in creating a vibrant and beautiful celebration. Couples with partners from different backgrounds, interfaith couples, same-sex couples – we want to sanctify your relationships as you become a unique Jewish family. For information about weddings at TBE, please contact Tracey Lederer, Lead Administrative Assistant.