Students Grades K – 7

Temple Beth El Religious School offers a diverse and creative Jewish education. If you have questions about Temple Beth El Religious School, please contact Rabbi Beth Nichols, Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning, at 704-749-3045 or Francine Solomon, Assistant to the Religious School, at 980-445-9870.

We are so glad you are part of our Temple Beth El Community and are enrolling your child/ren in our Religious School! We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in the sacred task of educating our children. Please read the information below outlining our programs for the 2021-2022 school year and then complete the registration through your account on ShulCloud.

We are proud of how our students and faculty navigated the challenges of the past year and were able to create a positive learning community together. Nonetheless, we are truly looking forward to being together in our buildings on a weekly basis next year. We are also planning to implement lessons learned during the pandemic and, for example, will continue to offer some Hebrew classes online.

Registration is now open through your ShulCloud account! After signing into your account, select “My Account,” followed by “My Enrollments.” We encourage you to complete your registration as soon as possible to help us with planning. Priority will be given to classmate requests and Hebrew Group requests submitted by July 15. Registration in Temple Beth El Religious School is a privilege of Temple Beth El membership. The Religious School Office will only be able to process enrollment forms, including classmate and group requests, once your 2021-2022 My Temple Commitment is confirmed and your 2020-2021 Temple Beth El account is in order. My Temple Commitment information will be available beginning June 7.

We cannot wait to welcome your children into a new year of learning! Please contact us with any questions.

If your child is going to miss Religious School because of a COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure, please complete this short form.

2021 – 2022 Religious School Calendar


Temple Beth El is a Reform Jewish Congregation, affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism.  We embrace the “Goals of Reform Jewish Education” of the URJ.

Judaic Studies

On Sunday mornings children in Kindergarten through 6th grade spend time learning about Jewish traditions, texts and history with their peers. Each grade celebrates and studies the Jewish holidays at an age-appropriate level. In addition, each grade has a different focus, allowing children to develop their Jewish knowledge and identity over time.

Kindergarten: Ritual Objects and Symbols, Holidays and Shabbat
1: Torah Stories from Genesis, Israel
2: Torah Stories from Exodus-Deuteronomy, God and Prayer
3: Life Cycle Observances and Jewish Values
4: Prophets and Writings
5: Jewish History, Heroes and Peoplehood
6: Israel, Sacred Texts

Hebrew Hafsakah

Each grade spends 20 minutes of their Sunday morning at Hebrew Hafsakah. A hafsakah is a break or recess, and our Hebrew Hafsakah is an energetic period in the morning when students can engage with Modern Hebrew and the language of Hebrew prayers. Kindergarten, first and second grades focus on learning Modern Hebrew vocabulary. We hope that this quick introduction will inspire them to study Modern Hebrew in the future. Third through sixth grades focus on reinforcing what children are learning in their Hebrew groups.

T'filah and Shira

Every grade experiences time with our clergy and song leaders every Sunday morning engaged in worship services and singing. Grades are grouped together by age (K-2, 3-4, 5-6) so that the service can be customized to address spirituality at an age-appropriate level, as well as meet their knowledge level. As children’s Hebrew skills increase, the amount of traditional Hebrew prayers in the service grows. Throughout the year, this period also introduces traditional and modern Jewish songs.

Hebrew Reading

Hebrew decoding (learning how to phonetically read Hebrew) begins in 3rd grade. The 4th through 6th grades each focus on a different section of the prayer service, preparing children to actively participate in worship services as well as lead when they celebrate becoming b’nei mitzvah.

At Temple Beth El Religious School, Hebrew is taught in small groups to ensure children receive individual attention from teachers. Each small group meets for one hour each week. In order to accommodate children’s varying schedules and learning needs, Hebrew small groups are offered both in-person and online, and on multiple days of the week.


Sheva, our program for 7th grade students, reflects that this year marks the beginning of their Jewish young adulthood. Starting this coming year, our Sheva class will include a meal to encourage community building. Sheva will be offered at two different times to accommodate family’s schedules.

The first time is on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm-8:30pm. We chose this time specifically to coincide with Hebrew High in order to introduce our 7th graders to opportunities available to them beginning in 8th grade. Dinner on Wednesday evenings, from 7:00pm-7:30pm, will be eaten jointly with the Hebrew High community and is catered by Izzy’s Catering.
We are excited for Sheva students to see Hebrew High, but we know that Wednesday evenings may not work for all of our students. We will also be offering Sheva on Sundays from 11:15am-12:30pm, including a pizza lunch. This timing coincides with the “Chug Hour” offered for K-6 students.

Students will explore the evolution of Judaism over thousands of years through the art of argument and debate and discuss the lessons that will impact their Jewish lives today. Lastly, students spend the year exploring their Jewish identity as they enter Jewish adulthood, so they can make informed choices about how to live a Jewish life.

Beth El Eighth Grade Madrichim (BEEMa)

BEEMa is our brand new Madrichim training program for eighth graders interested in serving as madrichim in the Religious School (teaching assistants) or in the B’nei Mitzvah program (tutors). BEEMa meets during regular Religious School hours from 9:00am-11:15am on Sunday mornings.

Participants in BEEMa meet weekly to explore and discuss topics such as leadership skills, child development, discussion leading, and program planning. Throughout the year, BEEMa participants have the chance to try out different grades and program areas, as well as work together on projects to benefit the whole Religious School. The year will culminate with BEEMa running a special morning of programming for the entire Religious School. A requirement of participation in BEEMa is that teens register and attend at least one trimester of Hebrew High.

Interested teens should complete the BEEMa application form. (Please note that this form is different than the form 9th-12th graders will complete to serve as madrichim.)


Our Youth Groups are an important part of Temple Beth El’s commitment to engaging our youth from five year olds all the way up to age 18. This is a wonderful opportunity for TBE kids to get together and forge Jewish friendships that last a lifetime.


Have you ever wanted to know more about your child’s Religious School teacher?  Click the teacher name below to find out interesting information that our teachers want to share about themselves and their classes.  We will also post important information from teacher emails that are sent monthly.  Please remember to check this page regularly for updates.


FIRST GRADE – Susan Soto

SECOND GRADE – Linda Lepow/Jennifer Sawyer

THIRD GRADE – Betsy Olinger/Susan Meyer/Jennifer Sawyer

FOURTH GRADE – Caleb Seidler/Sara Bryan/Susan Soto/Jennifer Sawyer/Stefan Pienkny/Susan Meyer

FIFTH GRADE – Tami Bernat/Steven Miller/Amy Montoni/Jennifer Sawyer

SIXTH GRADE – Morgan Torcellini/Stefan Pienkny/Amy Montoni/Patty Torcellini/Jennifer Sawyer

SHEVA – Linda Lepow/Caleb Seidler