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Social Justice and Action

Tikkun olam, or the concept of repairing the world, is a fundamental Jewish principle. 

If you are eager to engage in tikkun olam, Temple Beth El’s social justice and action efforts are for you. Our congregation offers you and your family many ways to get involved and do holy work. We lead volunteer projects and advocacy efforts that address income inequality, reproductive justice, access to the polls, LGBTQ+ rights, public education, climate justice, and many more issues.

In each area of focus, we strive to keep racial justice at the center of our work. We are always seeking to partner and collaborate with other organizations, institutions, and individuals whose efforts we might support or bolster those efforts.

Whether you are looking for an occasional commitment or a way to become deeply involved in an issue you’re passionate about, Temple Beth El gives you the chance to do so in a relationship with Jewish friends in a warm, welcoming setting.

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Temple Beth El's Social Justice Aims To:
  • Pursue social justice and systemic change,
  • Assist those in need through acts of tikkun olam, and
  • Foster partnerships, cooperation, and collaboration on social justice issues among Temple Beth El, the Shalom Park Community, the greater Charlotte community, and the larger Jewish and non-Jewish communities.
We Do This By:
  • Providing congregants with volunteer opportunities,
  • Educating congregants regarding social concerns of our world and,
  • Initiating, sustaining, and sunsetting social justice and action projects as appropriate

Mission Statement

Our mission is to coordinate the efforts of Temple Beth El members to live out the Reform Jewish value of tikkun olam by providing opportunities to engage in social justice and action efforts, and to work toward systemic change in our community.

Vision Statement

We envision a congregation where repairing the world is second nature, where young and old alike work side by side to assist our neighbors in need, and where social justice and social action efforts are integrated into all aspects of Temple life. Temple Beth El will be known within the Charlotte community and the North American Jewish community as a powerful force for fostering social action and pursuing social justice and systemic change.

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved? Contact Nicole Sidman, Director of Congregational Life, at 704-366-1948.