Israel Education

Israel Education

The Ahavat Medinat Yisrael (Love for the State of Israel) Endowment supports active engagement with Israel through educational programs.

Spring course offerings will include Elements of Israel with Rabbi Stuart Gershon and save the date for our Israel Scholar-in-Residence Weekend, March 8-9, 2024.  

Israel: A Jewish and Democratic State
Monday, October 30 and November 6, 13, and 20 at 7:00pm | Zoom

Israel is the world’s one and only Jewish state. It is also, by design, a democracy and a member of the family of modern states. In this class, taught by Rabbi Micah Streiffer, we will explore the intersection – and possible contradiction – of Israel’s Jewish and democratic natures. How does the Jewish state view itself as a representative of Judaism and the world Jewish community? In what ways is it a state of all its citizens? What relationship can we as diaspora Jews hold with a country that is both ours and not ours at the same time?

Tuition is $36/student for TBE members and $54/student for non-members