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Starting a TriBE

Want to Serve as a TriBE Leader?

If you would like to lead a TriBE, Temple Beth El is honored to offer you training, workshops, and ongoing coaching support. Being a TriBE Leader does not require any specialized knowledge of Jewish text or tradition. We will provide easy-to-follow materials to guide your discussions. You will never be alone in this process. If you want to be a TriBE Leader, please contact Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement & Communications or call 704-366-1948.

TriBE Leaders will:

  • Coordinate schedule and location for your TriBE gatherings. These may take place in members’ homes, offices, or in any other comfortable location outside of the synagogue.
  • Communicate with members regarding meeting times and distribute materials.
  • Facilitate group conversations or arrange for rotating facilitation by other members. Delegating and empowering other members will strengthen your TriBE.
  • Debrief with the Director of Congregational Engagement, Andy Harkavy, regarding your TriBE experience.
  • Consult TriBE Coach and/or TriBE Core Leadership Team as needed.


TriBE Leader Resources

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Join the TBECLT TriBEs Facebook Group

This group is for TriBE participants, leaders, coaches, and leadership to share stories, photos, new ideas and more! We hope this platform becomes a place where your TriBE can share your successes, as well as challenges, and we can all continue to grow and strengthen our Temple & TriBE community together.

For more information, contact Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement or call 704-366-1948.