TriBE Spotlight: Write Now/Vino, Video, and Vinyl

Are you a member of a TriBE? Are you interested in learning more about TriBEs seeking members? Have you considered starting and leading a TriBE (don’t worry, you do not have to do this alone – there is a strong support structure!)? Each month, our TriBE e-newsletter will feature information about a TriBE, share insights from a TriBE Leader, and highlight fun facts about various TriBEs.

Visit the TriBEs webpage to learn more about TriBEs, find your TriBE, or start a NEW TriBE!Questions? Contact Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement.

Featured TriBE – Write Now

Do you like to write? Consider joining the Write Now TriBE (currently on Zoom) on the second Wednesday of each month from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Write Now members enjoy exploring and playing with words, writing together in a nurturing and supportive environment. Each month, a different member leads the gathering offering two to three prompts. Members write fast and furious and unedited for about ten minutes per prompt. Writers share their draft with the group and receive a very specific type of feedback. Sharing is always optional, but the structure and supportive nature of the feedback creates a level of comfort that invites sharing. Listening for what works or what moves the listener sharpens both listening and writing skills. Being listened to with deeply focused and caring attention creates a sense of Holy presence. While many have found they are able to identify and strengthen their own unique voice through this writing method, the gatherings thrive on personal connections and are not like a class or typical writing workshop. No experience is necessary. Contact Ellen Reich.

Featured TriBE Leader – Brett Cohen, Vino, Video, and Vinyl

Just Do It!… The “hardest” part is getting started. After joining TBE, I wanted to meet as many people as possible to extend my social circle. I went through the TriBE offerings and picked 9 potential groups to join. All were closed. I’m sure this sounds familiar to many of you…. SO, if you can’t join them, find allies with similar interests and make it happen. It seemed that many of my friends at TBE had an interest in wine and music. As we continued to talk, I was encouraged to set a date for our first gathering. The new TriBE was added to the TriBE list and in no time, we had a waiting list. A few weeks ago, we had a very nice get together with 80s music and snacks, and we discussed how often to gather and what to do. All members were empowered to to identify activities. Once we set a calendar, a member will be responsible for leading the activity…..I’m the facilitator, sharing the fun. YOU too can do this. Know your why, find a few others with similar interests, and Just Do It!

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