B’nei Mitzvah

July 2017

Lauryn Rosen

Parashat D'varim
Saturday, July 29

My favorite things about being Jewish are the traditions, food and holidays. I really love making homemade challah, and Passover is my favorite holiday because we have family and friends that come from many places and it is great to talk to them and have a seder together. To me, becoming a Bat Mitzvah means growing into another phase in my life with increased freedom, but also responsibility. I’m so glad my family and friends can celebrate with me.

For my mitzvah project, I helped workers at a soup kitchen prepare food for the homeless people who don’t have any food. The soup kitchen at Ascension Lutheran likes to make the place seem as much like a restaurant as possible, so I was a server who got guests drinks and brought them their food. Doing this project really opened my eyes to how many homeless people there are that need our help. Volunteering, even for just a few hours, can help a lot.  I plan to keep learning about Judaism and living with Judaism by keeping Jewish traditions and going to Hebrew High.

Lauryn is the daughter of Doug and Marlene Rosen. She is the sister of Avery, Emerson, and Delaney. She is the granddaughter of Marsha Rosen of  Fort Mill, SC, Ellen Schaadt of Van Wert, OH, Larry and Corinne Rosen of Miami, FL, Sandy and Joe Marschke of Constantine, MI and Liz Mast of Elkhart IN. Please send all Mazel Tovs to laurynmrosen@gmail.com.

Logan Mandell

Parashat D'varim
Saturday, July 29

My favorite thing about being Jewish is all of the holidays because I like all of the food and really enjoy coming together with family. To become a bar mitzvah means the world to me. It makes me feel I have accomplished something I have been preparing for since I was a baby.
During Sheva and in preparing for my bar mitzvah, I learned that I have my own personality. I now know Hebrew and more about Judaism.

My mitzvah project was helping lower-income families and playing with their kids. I also spent time at King’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen for homeless people, and I served and greeted guests coming to eat. I am so glad I did it, it definitely changed how I look at the world.
I will plan on being a Jewish adult by coming to services and going to other families bar/bat mitzvah services. Being Jewish will always be in me.

Logan is the son of Ross Mandell and Alicia Fink. He is the brother of Devon and the step-brother of Carson, Laney and Tabbi. He is the grandson of Ellen and Joel Mandell of Simsbury, Connecticut and Emily Roy of Kensington, Connecticut. Notes of mazel tov can be sent to rossmandell@mac.com.


Griffin Weidner

Parashat Matot/Masei
Saturday, July 22

My favorite things about being Jewish are all of the holidays, traditions, and food along with the ability to question and learn more about Judaism. For me, becoming a Bar Mitzvah means a lot because it signifies the end of a long journey in which I’ve had to learn many different prayers and sections of Torah. Throughout Sheva and the B’nei Mitzvah process, I’ve learned to be more motivated. I was never motivated to go to Hebrew and Sunday school when I was younger because….. well it was boring! I hated it, but once you’ve gone through the process of becoming a Bar Mitzvah, you realize that it’s an experience that you will remember. It teaches you many different things and you learn about a lot of stuff throughout the process. I want to try to keep up my participation in the Jewish community by going to most of the holiday services, Saturday and Friday once in awhile (when I don’t have soccer). I possible could become a madrich as well.

Griffin Weidner is the son of Greg and Julianne. He is the brother of Olivia and Eliza. Messages of mazel tov can be sent to gregweidner@gmail.com.

Isaac Gale

Parashat Balak
Saturday, July 8

My favorite part about being Jewish is getting to become a Bar Mitzvah. There are many great things that come with it like getting to become an adult in Judaism and having a party to celebrate with my friends and family.  I also get congratulations cards with money and probably other rewards from my parents. So becoming a Bar Mitzvah is all around good.

Preparing for my Bar Mitzvah was a lot of hard work and a big time commitment.  As a result,  I learned to manage time so that I was prepared each week for my tutoring.  This was more responsibility than I have had in the past.  The whole process helped me mature in my thinking about Judaism and gave me a new appreciation for what it means to be an adult in the Jewish community.

For my mitzvah project, I volunteered at Bright Blessings, an organization that serves homeless children or those whose parents can’t afford birthday presents or parties.  I prepared Bright Blessing packages for homeless kids at the shelters. I also helped make goodie bags for classroom celebrations, so birthday kids feel special, even if their parents cannot send cupcakes to school on their birthday.  I also volunteered at a group home operated by InReach, an organization that provides housing and vocational services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  I enjoyed helping those in need and it really made me appreciate everything I have in my life.

Isaac is the son of Dawn and Anthony Gale.  He is the brother of Ayla Gale. Words of Mazel Tov can be sent to dgale28226@gmail.com.

Ty Fischel

Parashat Balak
Thursday, July 6

Ty will celebrate his bar mitzvah on July 6 in the Bahamas.

My favorite thing about being Jewish is that it adds to my ever-expanding list of things that make me different from the average person. I mean, like, I already was different enough, so I decided to be happy about being different. To me, becoming a bar mitzvah means becoming more accountable, and also a long title that my friends can’t pronounce and they think is relatively cool.

I plan to continue my Jewish studies by volunteering at my local temple as a tutor. During my time at Hebrew school, I have learned more about myself as a Jewish person. I have also learned that, if I put my mind to it, I can pretty much get anything done.

Ty Fischel is the son of Cynthia and Richard Fischel. He is the brother of Sabrina Fischel. Messages of mazel tov can be sent to tmf21404@gmail.com

Sylvia Vitner

Parashat Korach
Saturday, June 24

My favorite thing about being Jewish is the supportive community helping me keep up with my Bat Mitzvah work and other religious activities. Being a Bat Mitzvah means to become a bigger part of this community, and become more involved with religious matters. Through preparing for my Bat Mitzvah, I’ve learned the distinct meaning of each individual prayer, which all praise God in their own way. Now I know why services are so long!

My first mitzvah project was at the Adult Care and Share facility, where I volunteered and helped adults with special needs. I helped serve food and socialize with the elderly whose days are often too repetitive. I plan to continue learning about and living with Judaism by attending services and participating in community activities.

I am the daughter of Mark and Amy Vitner. Messages of congratulations can be sent to amy.vitner@gmail.com.

B’nei Mitzvah in Israel

Parashat Sh'lach L'cha
Saturday, June 17 in Israel

The following boys became b’nei mitzvah on the Congregational Trip to Israel on June 17.

Anderson Cohen

Ethan Feit

Benjamin Kaplan







Brian Rosenzweig

Scott Stein

Sam Waller

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