B’nei Mitzvah

February 2018

Katherine Posnanski

Parashat T'tzaveh
Saturday, February 24

My favorite thing about being Jewish is celebrating the holidays. I love eating all the fun foods, lighting the candles, and most importantly spending time with my family. My favorite Jewish holidays are Passover and Hanukkah. On the first day of Passover, we always go to my grandparents’ house to eat amazing foods, such as charoset and matzah. On Hanukkah, I love lighting the candles, playing dreidel, and eating chocolate gelt. It is during all the Jewish holidays that I feel closest to my faith. To me becoming a Bat Mitzvah means new responsibilities and more opportunities. I will make my own decisions and be more confident in what I do. When I was preparing for my Bat Mitzvah, I learned that with confidence and good time management, I could accomplish anything.

For my mitzvah project, I helped at Classroom Central and Freedom School, which are both organizations that help supply and support low income schools. I chose this as my project because I believe that everyone should have the best opportunity to get an education. After I finished my projects, I felt so proud that I helped students all over Charlotte. I will always remember that small changes can lead to a big impact. I want to continue growing as a Jewish adult. I plan to be a madricha and a tutor. I also plan to continue attending services and going to Hebrew High. I am very excited to become a Jewish adult.

Notes of congratulations can be sent to Katie’s parents, Margo and Joe Posnanski.

March 2018

Everett Collman

Parashat Ki Tisa
Saturday, March 3

My favorite thing about being Jewish is that I am part of a community that I love. Also, I get to take part in holidays and celebrations that are fun and meaningful. To become a Bar Mitzvah means that I am taking a step into the life of Jewish adulthood, and growing up.

In my preparations for my Bar Mitzvah I have learned that I CAN learn all the prayers and my Torah portion. When I first got my work I was flabbergasted of how much it was, but when I took it piece by piece it was pretty balanced out.

My Mitzvah project was collecting and delivering donations to the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. I collected donations from people in my neighborhood such as shirts, pants, shampoo, and other necessities. I chose this project because I recognize how lucky I am to have these things and that I can’t take that for granted. All humans should have dignity. As my life continues I plan to keep learning about Judaism by going to services. I would like to consider being a madrich at Religious School and helping other kids learn about Judaism.


Ella Simi Zolot

Parashat T'rumah
Saturday, February 17

My favorite thing about being Jewish is that I have a community of friends that will always be there for me when I need them. To become a Bat Mitzvah means to take on the responsibility to practice the Jewish religion on your own. I have learned that Hebrew is very complicated to read and requires a lot of studying to learn. My mitzvah project is about volunteering at non-profit businesses that help children in the foster care system. This has helped gain a deeper understanding of the process and struggles a foster kid goes through. And I can’t imagine what it must feel like to leave your parents and move from place to place constantly. I plan on keeping Judaism in my life by celebrating most of the holidays. I am also thinking about attending Hebrew High and serving as a madricha.

Ella is the daughter of Miranda and Kevin Zolot. She is the sister of Dylan, a fourth grader at Eastover Elementary School. She is the granddaughter of Kay and Alex Mitchell of Saint Augustine, Florida and Andrea Lazarus and Warren Zolot of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Notes of congratulations can be sent to Miranda and Kevin.

Ivy Daitch

Parashat T'rumah
Saturday, February 17

My name is Ivy Daitch. I am thirteen years old and I LOVE goats! I go to Camp Bluestar, and my favorite thing about being Jewish is meeting friends (and goats) that I will know forever because of camp.

Becoming a Bat Mitzvah will mean a lot to me. I will finally be an “adult” religiously and because of all the work I have been doing, I have a greater understanding of my ancestors. While preparing for my Bat Mitzvah, I learned which prayers I like and are meaningful to me and which prayers I hate. I also learned that the right dress is very important and that you really have to go chhhhuuuuh when saying the kaf vowel or else it is completely wrong.

For my Mitzvah project my friend Sofia and I (she is becoming a Bat Mitzvah later this year) had a bake sale and raised money to donate to the Levine Children’s Hospital, Hurricane Harvey relief, and money to get supplies to make some hats for the kids at the hospital. We also volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house and played many games of bingo for the families staying there, with prizes and everything! I will continue to build on my Judaism by going to camp, and celebrating the holidays (especially Hanukkah).

Ivy is the daughter of Jessica and Matthew Daitch. She is the sister of Logan Daitch. Her dog’s name is Brandi and her guinea pig’s name is Smores. She is the granddaughter of Shelly Koslowe of Charlotte, NC and Paul and Marilyn Daitch, who split their time between New Jersey and Florida. Notes of mazel tov can be sent to Jessica.

Talia Hitt

Parashat Yitro
Saturday, February 3

My favorite thing about being Jewish is celebrating the holidays with my family and learning about the traditions that come from both my mom and my dad’s sides of the family. To become a Bat Mitzvah means to take on the responsibility and practice of being Jewish and to be recognized as an adult in the Jewish community. In preparing for my Bat Mitzvah, I have been very disciplined in learning my Hebrew and balancing my love of gymnastics, my dedication to school and my commitment to Judaism. This has been challenging and I am grateful to have a few less things on my plate moving forward.

My mitzvah project was about helping others less fortunate than me. I collected and donated blankets, hats and gloves to the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. Doing this has helped me gain a deeper appreciation for what I have and not take what I have for granted. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to live on the streets, to not have your own home and not have your own privacy. Helping others is an important part of who I am.

I will continue practicing Judaism by celebrating the holidays and traditions of my family. I am going to be a camper at the inaugural summer at the URJ Creative Arts Camp. I am looking forward to making lifelong Jewish friends at camp, while pursuing my interest in the arts.

Talia is the daughter of Deborah and Brian Hitt. She is the sister of Lanie, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School. She is the granddaughter of Linda and Arthur Starr of West Palm Beach, Florida and Maxine and Steve Horowitz of Charlotte, NC. Notes of mazel tov can be sent to Talia.

Ellis Small

Parashat Yitro
Saturday, February 3

I love being Jewish, but my favorite thing is the food. It is so delicious! My favorite food is matzah ball soup. I also love latkes, they are great as well.

I have learned so much stuff in preparation for my bar mitzvah. I learned trope and new prayers.

Doing my mitzvah project was really fun, I chose to volunteer at The Relatives, which is an organization that my family and I feel deeply about. It is a house where children from all ages come to be safe. Some children have run away and some have been taken out of their home by CPS in order to keep them safe. They stay at The Relatives for up to two weeks and then they go into a foster home. Spending time with the kids at The Relatives was a lot of fun.
After my bar mitzvah, I plan to keep attending temple so that I can keep all of the knowledge that I have about Judaism and so that I can learn more.

Ellis is the son of Franny Goshtasbpour and Stephen Small. He is the brother of Emma Small. He is the grandson of Homayoun Goshtasbpour of Toronto, Canada and Patty and Gus Small of Atlanta, Georgia. Notes of mazel tov can be sent to Ellis.

Sage Kanofsky

Parashat Va'eira
Saturday, January 13

My favorite thing about being Jewish would be the amazing foods. My favorite food would have to be the challah or the hamantashen on Purim. I also love the holidays. They are so much fun and have such fun ways in which to celebrate them. I also like that when holidays come, so does family. I love spending time with my family. It’s nice to see everyone and hear their stories. Becoming a Bat Mitzvah means that I will take on new responsibilities and start to take risks. I will stop asking as many questions, and chose my own path. In my Bat Mitzvah preparation, I learned that if I try my hardest, I can exceed expectations.

For my mitzvah project, I tutored at a title one school and participated in the Friendship Circle. I chose those projects in particular because I love working with people. I enjoy building connections within my community and getting to know those outside of my school group. I got to see to many different perspectives throughout my mitzvah projects. I hope to continue helping the community in the future. As a Jewish adult, I want to continue learning about Judaism. I would like to be a tutor and a madricha. I will continue to observe Shabbat and attend services whenever I can. I am so excited to begin the next stage of my life.

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