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Alternative Chanukah Nights

Dec 01

Ask a Jewish kid what their favorite holiday is, and most will tell you Chanukah. And it’s not surprising. After all, who wouldn’t like a holiday where you receive gifts?   A teacher of mine used to try and trick b’nei mitzvah students by asking this same question. When they answered Chanukah, he would say, […]

From Jewish Study to Jewish Life

Sep 02

Throughout rabbinic literature we can find strains of a debate over which is better, study or action? One classic version of this argument is cited in the Talmud:  “Which is greater, study or action? Rabbi Tarfon answered, saying: Action is greater. Rabbi Akiva  answered, saying: Study is greater. All the rest agreed with Akiva that study is greater than  action […]

Reimagining our Rededication

Nov 23

It is hard to imagine the emotions that the Maccabees felt as they stepped back on to the Temple grounds. Perhaps they felt joy to be returning to a sacred space, perhaps they felt sadness for the years of worship missed or perhaps they felt anxiety at the work still to be done. These possible […]

Jewish Education to Live By

Oct 01

Rabbi Ben Bag Bag said of the Torah, “Turn it and turn it, for everything is in it” (Pirke Avot 5:24). When I hear this teaching, I picture Rabbi Ben Bag Bag gently turning a Torah scroll over and over in his arms, peering into the rolls of the parchment, as objects continuously fall out […]

Parent & Student Meet & Greets

Aug 13

Join Rabbi Nichols for a Zoom Meet and Greet with Parents. These Meet and Greets are designed to be interactive. We will structure the time for you to learn a little bit about Rabbi Nichols and have an opportunity for her to learn a little about you, your family, and your needs. Rabbi Nichols wants […]

Religious School Parent Information Session

Aug 05

Dear Religious School Families, Hello! I hope you have found some rest and relaxation this summer. I’m excited to introduce you to my colleague, Rabbi Beth Nichols. Rabbi Nichols is Temple’s new Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning. I want to acknowledge the strangeness of sending an email introduction like this. Unfortunately, due to pandemic, our […]

Meet and Greet with Rabbi Beth Nichols

Jul 29

Dear TBE Community, It is my privilege to have started my time as the new Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning at Temple Beth El at the beginning of July. I knew coming in that I was joining a stellar professional team, but my first days have also shown me the kindness and dedication of the […]