Ayla Gale

My favorite things about being Jewish are the traditions and holidays. The holidays are fun and they give me time to be with family and friends which I enjoy! My favorite Jewish holiday is Chanukah. I like this holiday because of all of the good food we eat like latkes and jelly doughnuts. To me, becoming a bat mitzvah means that I have more responsibility in the world and I have a bigger impact on bigger decisions since I have become a Jewish adult. As I approach my bat mitzvah date, I am looking forward to becoming a Jewish adult. My hard work over the years that I have been studying for this day will pay off when I recite my prayers and chant from the Torah.

For my mitzvah project, I volunteered at Bright Blessings, an organization that helps out kids who can’t have birthday parties and bring cupcakes to school like the other kids. Bright Blessings also helps with the homeless and less fortunate newborns. I prepared packages for less fortunate kids who could really use it. I also helped make goodie bags for classroom celebrations, so birthday kids feel special, even if their parents cannot send cupcakes to school on their birthday.  I also volunteered at a group home operated by InReach, an organization that provides housing and vocational services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. InReach provides quality support and services to children and adults who suffer from disabilities in residential and community settings. At the group home we helped set up an outdoor patio swing and made dinner with them. Doing my mitzvah project made me open my eyes and see how fortunate I am. Now that I am a bat mitzvah I plan to keep learning about Judaism by going to Friday night services, going to Hebrew High, and being a madricha.

Ayla Gale is the daughter of Dawn and Anthony Gale. She is the sister of Isaac Gale. Send notes of mazal tov.