Parker Foodman

My favorite things about being Jewish are the holidays I get to share with my family and the food we get to eat. What I think it means to become a Bar Mitzvah is becoming a Jewish man and contributing more in the service as well as contributing more in the community. Through Sheva I have learned that if I be myself and accept my differences there is no doubt that I will succeed. My Mitzvah project was working at Friendship Trays a non-profit organization that delivers food to those who are not able to get food themselves. My family and I made more than 1000 trays of well balanced meals that were to be delivered to people who really needed it. I chose this as my Mitzvah project because it was in my direct community and it related to my Torah portion. After I become a Bar Mitzvah I plan to keep learning about Judaism by going to services every week and volunteering in my Jewish community.

Parker is the son of Samantha and Adam Foodman and has two siblings, Jack and Asher. Send notes of mazal tov.