Ryan Stokes

My favorite part about being Jewish are the holidays. I really like Chanukah because of the games we play and the food. I also enjoy having a connection with Temple Beth El. I have been going to this Temple for literally my entire life, all the way from my brit milah to this Bar Mitzvah moment. Whenever my mother introduces me to a person at Temple,  I ask her whether or not he or she held me as a baby.  Ninety-three percent of the time she says yes. For me, being Jewish means family. It means taking care of each other as my family has done for me my entire life.

For my Bar Mitzvah project I helped out at the Relatives. The Relatives is a safe place for runaway kids.  I played with the kids and ate meals with them. Helping at the Relatives opened my eyes to the truth that some kids are not as fortunate as you and I, and we can help them feel better. Not only that, but I had a great time – it was really fun! Take some time out of your day to help someone else.

Now that I am a Bar Mitzvah, I want to be a Madrich at the Religious School.  I really enjoy working with the younger kids and look forward to doing that in the coming years.