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How Did We Get Here? From Temple Priests that Sacrificed Animals to the Rabbis and Modern Judaism

The Torah is filled with descriptions of animal sacrifice. Hopefully, you have noticed that we don’t do this at Temple Beth El! The ancient Israelite religion and our modern Jewish traditions are very different. How did this change occur? Unleash your curiosity and join Rabbi Knight on a captivating journey into the transformative reshaping of Judaism that took place two millennia ago. From the ancient rituals and the priestly practices of the Israelites to the emergence of rabbinic Judaism, we’ll embark on an exhilarating exploration that uncovers the lives, teachings, and wisdom of extraordinary rabbinic sages that changed Judaism forever.

SAGE offers a tailor-made learning experience for those craving in-depth exploration and invigorating discussions. Together, we’ll dive deep into the sacred texts, fearlessly ask questions, and unlock valuable insights from the timeless wisdom that continues to shape our understanding of Judaism today. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey, delving into the birth of Rabbinic Judaism and uncovering its enduring legacy.