A Place to Come Home To by Amy Cojac Andrews

I find it ironic that some of the very times I feel most connected to Temple Beth El are when I am physically farthest away from Charlotte. I grew up at this temple, but since college have spent significant stints in other places, some more far flung than others.

I have come to realize that part of what gives me this freedom is the knowledge that I am tethered to a community at Temple Beth El that has made me who I am. Faces may change, I may change, my family may change and grow, but Temple Beth El is a place I come home to –sometimes literally, and other times simply coming back from around the corner.

I have come to appreciate the fact that my family relies on this community as a constant in our dizzying world and it is a gift that I treasure more as the years go by. I am grateful to have this place as a post, mooring my family, guiding our spiritual lives and providing comfort in both times of joy and sadness. It is where we come to celebrate both the everyday and the most special moments in our lives. Perhaps most importantly, it is a springboard from where we live our most full lives – and yes, always come back to.


Amy Cojac Andrews grew up at Temple Beth El. She is married to Marc and they have two children, Ayla (13) and Ethan (11). She enjoys reading, practicing yoga, running, traveling, writing and spending time with her family.