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Asking…Not Always Easy by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Dec 19

If you are like me, you have had times in your life when people have said to you, “Why didn’t you just ask me?” I know I have. Asking is not always an easy thing to do. Especially if it has anything to do with money. In my job, I have to ask. It is […]

At Mount Sinai by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

May 16

I am a Jew by choice, and also a Jew by birth. My ancestry and family history is very interesting and the road is quite curvy. When I tell my story, I like to say two things – I was definitely one of those souls at Mount Sinai and like the Jews, I wandered in […]

Olam Chesed Yibaneh by Candace Naliboff

Dec 21

Growing up, one of my favorite singing groups was Peter, Paul, and Mary. Their harmonies were beautiful, but even more poignant were the words of their songs. They were activists in the truest, peaceful sense of the word.  They wanted a better world – a world of light not darkness.  And they spoke about it […]

Family – There are All Kinds and I Seem to Need Them All by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Oct 24

When my husband and I moved to Charlotte over five years ago, we knew only our daughter…we were so happy because our little family was together again, but I needed more. I was born in Hendersonville…so coming home to North Carolina after all these years meant I had many cousins that I would get to […]

Lead with Your Heart by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Jun 21

I am a people person – if you have met me then you know this already. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and sharing their life with them. Maybe it is because I am a counselor by trade, or maybe it is because when I was a little girl, my daddy used to […]

Chag Pesach Sameach by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Apr 20

Words I wait all year to say and to hear…Happy Passover. It is the story of our passing from slavery to freedom, but it is much more even than that. It is a family ritual, a gathering of loved ones, a special meal, a reading of our history, a time to eat food we only […]

My Rainbow of Friendships by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Mar 01

In June, 2012, when I moved to Charlotte, I knew only my husband and my daughter…a daunting beginning to a new chapter of my life, especially if you know what a people person I am! I tell this story to all the new members that I meet- about how I threw myself into the temple […]

Call Me Candace by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

Jan 05

Call me Candace, call me Mrs. Naliboff, call me mom…you can call me anything as long as you don’t call me late to supper.  How many of you had a mom who said that to you? I may just be talking to the folks in my age group on this one, but I clearly remember […]

Modim Anachnu Lach by Candace Naliboff, Director of Congregational Engagement

Nov 09

The first time I heard Ms. Patty sing Modim Anachnu Lach with our religious school children during t’filah on a beautiful Sunday morning, it brought that prayer to life for me in a way that I had not previously experienced. Modim anachnu lach – we give thanks, we gratefully acknowledge, we are thankful…all are words […]