Asking…Not Always Easy by Candace Naliboff, Director of Member Services

If you are like me, you have had times in your life when people have said to you, “Why didn’t you just ask me?” I know I have. Asking is not always an easy thing to do. Especially if it has anything to do with money.

In my job, I have to ask. It is not the best part of my job, or the most enjoyable part, or even the part I love. I love meeting new congregants, talking to you and giving you hugs on Shabbat, answering the phone and helping you with whatever it is you need, offering you my condolences or my mazel tov during times of sorrow or joy. Those are what make me love this job of mine – the relationships that I am able to create and nurture with all of you. That is the very best part.

But sometimes, I have to ask for money. It is part of my job, too. In doing so, I still get to create and nurture relationships, hear your stories, and get to know you better. But in the end, I have to ask and now is one of those times. We fell short on our Sacred Gift goal this year, as you all know by now, and we have asked you to give more, to help us fill that gap, and we have some incredibly generous congregants who have offered a match. They told us they would give, but asked us to please get others to give also.

So that is my newest ask of you…please give from your heart and help us to close this gap. Help us to make this match. Help us to do all the things for you that we want to be able to do. Help us to be the strong and vibrant community that I know we are.

We asked, and many of you have already given. I love how generous and supportive our community is. We have 11 more days to make this match. I hope if you have not yet given, you will.

We asked…you gave. And I am incredibly grateful to all of you for loving this community as much as I do.