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You asked. We provided. Your turn. by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Nov 11

One of the things I enjoy about the URJ Biennial is hearing about the challenges and innovations from around the Reform movement. Whether a congregation is large or small, surrounded by many other synagogues or distant from other communities, thriving on its own or collaborating with other Jewish denominations to provide necessary resources, every successful […]

Remembering the Point by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Oct 08

I have to admit that managing the calendar in my former life as a church musician was significantly easier than dealing with the Jewish calendar. In the church world, everything proceeds at an even pace. Early September is the start of the program year with worship schedules, education programs, and music ensembles commencing for the […]

Beyond the Cheering by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Jul 28

When the United States Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality last month, there was much celebration. It was a moment that I was sure would come someday, but one which, frankly, I never thought I would live to see. Yet while it was a monumental step forward for American society, I had to walk away […]

IT’S TOO HOT! by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Jun 24

I hate summer! More accurately, I hate hot weather. Other than making for a pleasant day at the beach, I don’t see the point. I try to avoid being outside for any purpose other than going from one air conditioned place to another. I’m always searching for a spot to park the car in the […]

Summer Services: Shabbat your way! by Cantor Andrew Bernard

May 06

TRANSITIONS by Cantor Andrew Bernard Late spring is a time when we become acutely aware of transitions. Anyone who works on or whose life is affected by the academic year pointedly experiences the change. Although our Jewish liturgical year is based on the agricultural cycle — and thus we have just passed the beginning of […]

If you wish to be connected, please hang up by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Mar 11

In last week’s e-mail, the feature article was about the National Day of Unplugging that took place last Shabbat. The idea was simply to put away the electronic communications from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. I’m sure many people were horrified. After all, how can anyone in the 21st century possibly survive […]

OPPORTUNITIES by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Jan 22

I am sometimes amazed by the nearly infinite number of ways a person can express his or her Judaism. It’s easy to focus more narrowly on activities directly associated with the synagogue, but the richness of Jewish life really depends upon the infusion of our principles and beliefs in life’s smallest nooks and crannies. Our […]

THE GIFT I GIVE MYSELF WILL BE… by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Dec 23

As Jews, we have the advantage of experiencing many significant annual events twice: once as part of our Jewish year and once as part of the secular year. We have Sukkot and Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah and New Years, Memorial Day and Yom HaZikaron, Tu Bishvat and Arbor Day — to name a few. While the […]


Nov 12

A couple of weeks ago I was in New York for the start of this year’s cantorial certification program where I teach Shabbat music to the first year students. We were so fortunate to have the introductory class on traditional chant presented by Cantor Jack Mendelson, one of the finest cantors on the planet. Both […]